Out of the past 3/13/06

Monday, March 13, 2006

25 years ago: March 13, 1981

PERRYVILLE, Mo. -- Perryville city employees may vote to unionize as a result of dissatisfaction with the salary package contained in a $3.7 million 1981-82 budget approved by the Perryville Board of Aldermen last night; the salary package calls for a 25-cent per hour across-the-board salary increase amounting to about a $10 a week raise.

Cape Girardeau County Court refuses to amend the county master plan, thereby prohibiting construction of a long-proposed alcohol plant and anhydrous ammonia storage facility in a rural-residential area along Highway 61 just south of Shawneetown; developers of the proposed project, John and Marvin Schoen of Oak Ridge Route 1, had requested the court amend the plan to allow industrial development in an area now designated as rural-residential.

50 years ago: March 13, 1956

Roy Smith has announced as a candidate for Cape Girardeau city commissioner, indicating a preference for supervision of fire and health departments, at the primary election on March 20.

Southeast Missouri Hospital announces that it has filed application with the Atomic Energy Commission to establish a radioactive isotope program of diagnosis and treatment for certain diseases and expects to have it in operation by mid-April.

75 years ago: March 13, 1931

An appropriation of $455,500, covering running expenses of the Cape Girardeau Teachers College for the coming biennial period, has been recommended by the House Appropriations Committee; this is $244,500 short of the appropriation requested of the State Tax Commission by the board of regents.

Legal notice will be given and patrons of the Juden School District, north of Cape Girardeau, will vote April 7 on a proposition to rearrange plans of operation for the district and to build one central school instead of the two, one-room buildings now in use.

100 years ago: March 13, 1906

John Remsburg returns to Cape Girardeau from a two-week trip to Charleston, Mo., and Cairo, Ill.; he tuned 30 pianos at Cairo and has about 50 more to tune in May; he leaves Thursday for a trip to Jackson, Bloomfield, Mo., and Dexter, Mo., after which he will be home for a while.

The steamer Grey Eagle comes down from St. Louis, Mo., in the morning; it carries a good load of freight and several passengers.

- Sharon K. Sanders

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