Letter to the Editor

Socialist extremism abounds

Monday, March 13, 2006

To the editor:

Why read a book on the matter to concur that liberalism today can be diagnosed as a mental disorder, and often even a dangerous one? Some liberals, however, can ascend to the lowly level of useful idiots for the socialist cause. Leftist indoctrinators in tax-funded government schools and universities are good examples, but that's an issue for another day.

Ronald Reagan instinctively saw socialism, or communism, as an evil which requires eradication. I'll amend his axiom by suggesting that socialism is Satan's official political idiotology, and perhaps he perpetually reincarnates his socialist demons from hell to test and torment humanity. Maybe that is why we must rise up occasionally and exterminate the menace, preserving some for examples of evil, of course.

So, why does the United States still tolerate such an abundance of the liberal-socialist pestilence, most of whom pollute what is now the Democrat-socialist (Dazi) Party? I have even classified the elements of the Dazi Party's extremist base by slightly modifying the alpha designation for the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, CCCP (appropriately enough), to CCCL. Therefore, the radical base of the Dazi Party is composed of Creeps, Criminals, Crazies and Lazies. You can easily sort out who the usual suspects are for each element, including subversive leftist academics.

With all jocularity aside, I should consider transforming my mythical Dazi Eradication Service into a real organization, since I refer to it with elected officials anyway.