No to ports deal

Monday, March 6, 2006

The (Grand Junction, Colo.) Daily Sentinel

... At least on the surface level, the tiny nation east of Saudi Arabia is an ally in the war on terror. It was the first in the region to agree to screen all shipping containers heading for the United States. It has joined international agreements to suppress terrorist bombings and financing. It has aided in training Iraqi security forces.

But there are also reports the country has provided financial assistance to a variety of radical Islamic groups and that it has ties to Iran. The 9-11 hijackers are believed to have used the country as their base.

Since the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment allowed Dubai Ports World -- a government-owned firm -- to purchase the company that operates the six ports, lawmakers in both parties have been raising questions.

As well they should. Homeland security remains a critical issue because a significant portion of Muslims worldwide remains committed to waging violent jihad against the United States. ...

Congress is right to demand more public information about the issue before the transaction is completed. And ultimately, we hope Congress puts a stop to it.

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