Speak Out 3/2/06

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Taking a stand

KUDOS TO House Speaker Rod Jetton for standing up for the taxpayers on the River Campus battle and making Southeast Missouri State University regents admit that their actions were wrong. It's a shame when leaders at a state-funded university ignore the legislature and the taxpayers who are footing the bill for their salary.

Heads in the sand

WHAT IS wrong with the judicial system? It is outrageous. How in the world can they let a woman out on bond and only give her seven days in jail and probation after she killed a police officer? She was speeding and killed a police officer. Then there is a 19-year-old who is charged with murdering a 17-year-old, and even he gets bond set. The reason I'm so upset about this is because these people and others can do drugs or murder somebody and get their hands slapped. But a man like Greg Sparkman has to continue to sit in jail over a bogus personal vendetta against him. These people who have their heads in the sand might not wind up with their same job next year. They ought to think about it.

It's clear now

PREVIOUSLY THE Southeast Missourian reported that Southeast Missouri State University's River Campus didn't make Gov. Matt Blunt's list for MOHELA funding because state Sen. Jason Crowell didn't back it in a meeting with the governor. Afterward, Crowell said it was a misunderstanding. Considering the latest reports of the close personal and financial relationship between Crowell and House Speaker Rod Jetton, it appears Crowell's reason for not supporting River Campus funding is abundantly clear.

Incorrect orders

CAPE GIRARDEAU may have more drive-up restaurants than similar-sized communities, but it surely holds the record for the number of restaurants not giving the customer what was ordered. Short of sitting at the drive-up window and scrutinizing my order to make sure it's correct before I drive home, does anyone else have any ideas that would help restaurants give me my correct order?

Police fund raising

I DON'T think police departments should be able to call people's homes to raise money. You feel forced that if you don't, somehow your police protection may not be so good. I don't think you should be harassed by the police. It puts me on edge when someone who claims to be from a police department or who claims to be calling on the department's behalf calls me.

Going backward

I CAN'T believe Republicans are trying to do away with Missouri's vehicle safety inspections. While we're at it, let's do away with those costly air bags and seat belts. Who needs them? Here's another idea: Let's put our children back to work in the coal mines.

Make it happy

I'D LIKE to comment on the opera "The Tender Land" performed at the Rose Theatre. The write-up on the opera was much better than the show. The plot, the props, the costumes and the actors were good, but the opera aspect was not enjoyable at all. This story could have been much better told as a musical. Maybe Southeast Missouri State University can do its own remake. I would like to see it done with some happy entertainment songs instead of the opera aspect where it often sounded like the orchestra was playing something different than what the performers were singing.

Help in the snow

ON FEB. 18, the Saturday that it snowed, I had a blowout. I had my 9-year-old son in the car. I pulled over on the side of the road, and just as I got out of my van, a guy pulled up and asked if I needed help. It was cold, but he changed my tire in the snow and did not charge me a dime. I want to thank my guardian angel.

Is it harassment now?

THE SUPREME Court rules that protests at the funerals of the Iraq war veterans is freedom of speech. I wonder if the justices would have the same feelings if people went into their chambers and did the same thing. Would this be freedom of speech, or would this be harassment?

Christian warfare

THE PERSON who said Islam is a religion of conflict and war is likely a Christian who has no knowledge of history. Believe me, loads of lives were lost in the intra-Christian conflict known as the Thirty Years War (1618-1648). On a more recent note, consider Northern Ireland.

Right lane is slow

BOB AND Callie Miller's "He said/she said" column, "Driving each other to crazy and back again," was amusing except for the confusing part about slow drivers in the right lane. Callie wrote about "those oblivious drivers who poke along in the right hand lane." The right lane is for slower drivers. The left lane is for passing and faster drivers.

Long waits on buses

I THINK we all understand the concern about seat belts on school buses. We feel it's going to make it safer for students if a bus turns over. But if you pass the law that every child must be his seat and have his seat belt fastened before the bus can move on, you're going to have a problem with traffic. By the time even three, four or five students at one stop get on the bus and the driver waits until all of them are fastened in their seats, it will be awhile.

Bad drivers

I WOULD like to say I have driven in a lot of major cities, but none tops Cape Girardeau. Where did people here learn to drive? No one uses turn signals. They should either drive the speed limit or drive with the flow of traffic. Some people drive 15 to 25 mph on William Street.

Restaurant smoke

I WENT to a restaurant in Cape Girardeau and asked to sit in the nonsmoking section. There was a wall with a large arch by our table. On the other side of the arch was the smoking section. How could this open archway stop the smoke from coming to our table? I don't like dealing with other people's smoke while trying to enjoy a meal, and I'm sure other customers don't like it either.

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