10 Democrats, no Republicans file in Scott Co.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

BENTON, Mo. -- Out of nine seats open in Scott County's August primary only one is contested after the first day of filing.

Ten Democrats filed for presiding commissioner, county clerk, collector, recorder, circuit clerk, prosecuting attorney, associate judge in divisions 4 and 5 Tuesday. No Republicans filed.

One name noticeably absent from the filing list was that of Democratic Presiding Commissioner Martin Priggel, who won't seek re-election to the seat he's held since 1998.

Current northern district commissioner Jamie Burger, now in his sixth year in that office, has filed for Priggel's seat.

"That was always what I kind of had my sights set on," Burger said of the presiding chair. He said he wanted to spend time as an associate commissioner to learn more about Scott County government before running for presiding commissioner. After six years he says he has that experience.

"I feel like we have the county going in a pretty good direction, and I just want to carry on what Martin has been doing," Burger said.

Burger's agendas include improving the county's roads and bridges without raising taxes. He also wants to foster business development.

The only contested seat thus far is that of associate judge in division 5, which has been held by David Mann for more than 20 years. Mann filed Tuesday, but so did Chaffee lawyer Scott Horman.

Horman has practiced law since 2000 and said he feels he can bring "objectivity, efficiency and fairness to the court."

He knows defeating an entrenched incumbent like Mann will be an uphill battle, but Horman said he still feels confident about his chances.

Others who filed include:

* Rita Milam, county clerk, first elected in 1994

* Mark Hensley, collector, first elected in 1998

* Glenda Enderle, treasurer, first elected in 1998

* Paul Boyd, prosecuting attorney, first elected in 2002

* Tom Dirnberger, recorder, first elected in 1994

* Pam Glastetter, circuit clerk, first elected in 1994

* Hense Winchester, associate circuit judge division 4, first elected in 1998.

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