Fan Speak Feb26

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hall of Fame update

IT WAS reported on the sports pages months ago that Central was to resume nominating and inducting athletes into its athletic Hall of Fame. I would like to nominate someone I think is very worthy of induction. How do I go about it?

(Central first-year athletic director Mark Ruark said Saturday that preliminary discussions are taking place to develop a process for nominating, selecting and honoring former Central athletes.)

In the news

I FIND it interesting that Southeast Missouri State basketball player Andrais Thornton's teammate at Colby (Kan.) Community College already has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. How come this has not been reported?

(This has been reported in the news section of the Southeast Missourian.)

Blame the administration

FOR THE Southeast fans that are upset with men's basketball coach Gary Garner, they should look first at the administration. After the 1999-2000 season, when Garner appeared to have things headed in the right direction, university president Ken Dobbins slashed his budget, which affected the recruiting budget. Unfortunately, that isn't a good way to run a Division I athletic department. It's also unfortunate that athletic director Don Kaverman doesn't have much of a say in the whole thing. It was Dobbins' decision to fire football coach Tim Billings, which may be a good choice if he gives coach Tony Samuel the proper funding. It will also be up to Dobbins whether Garner stays or goes. If changes are needed, they should start at the top of the university.

Short-changed wrestler

I WOULD like to congratulate Jackson's Kamden Rampley for winning his state wrestling title. But Sean Gant also placed fourth. I am not saying that any publicity should be taken from Rampley, but Gant should receive some recognition. Getting fourth place at state is a great feat. Give the kid more recognition than one sentence at the end of Rampley's paragraph.

Where's the crowd?

WHERE ARE the Southeast Missouri State students at the women's basketball games? And where is Rowdy the mascot? I went to the Feb. 16 game with no mascot, very few student fans. B.J. Smith has built a very successful program. They're still getting no support from the student body at Southeast, no support from the community. There were 600 fans at the game. I hope when they get their home OVC game, the city and the students will show up to support the team.

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