Letter to the Editor

Jetton is losing students' trust

Friday, February 24, 2006

To the editor:

As a student at Southeast Missouri State University, I and many of my peers find the actions of House Speaker Rod Jetton troubling. On Feb. 13 several of Southeast's student government members were so concerned that they traveled to Jefferson City to participate in discussions concerning this matter. I share this concern and find it unacceptable that Jetton would make the statement that he wouldn't support funding for construction of the River Campus unless members of the board of regents resign.

Why is it after seven General Assembly appropriations, a formal groundbreaking and communications from the legislature that showed full support for the River Campus project that Jetton is asking questions? After all this activity, in one rash decision all funding and support from the legislature has been stripped away to be placed on the backs of students.

How do the students of Southeast, their parents and families, faculty and staff learn to trust state legislators again? I suppose that's something we can figure out when elections roll around.

HEATHER K. VALLE, Cape Girardeau