2005 business licenses for Cape Girardeau County

Sunday, February 19, 2006

From Dec. 1, 2004, through Jan. 7, 2005:

O'Reilly Auto Parts, 370 N. Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau

Main Street Pharmacy, 2865 E. Main St., Jackson

Mr. Bits & Bytes, 720 Olive St., Jackson

Cape Communications, 615 Broadview, Cape Girardeau

Lady Laura Photography, 270 Apache Lane, Cape Girardeau

House of Color II, 1802 Broadway, Cape Girardeau

Kuts Plus, 1836 Broadway, Cape Girardeau

Furniture Garden, 701 William, Cape Girardeau

Van Matre Management, P.O. Box 1368, Cape Girardeau

Westside Investments, 2021 Perryville Road, Cape Girardeau

From Jan. 8-31, 2005

Pharmacy Plus, 150 S. Mount Auburn Road, Suite 101, Cape Girardeau

D&C Farm, Toys & Collectibles, 1032 Fern Lane, Altenburg

Thorngate Limited Outlet Store, 10 N. Sprigg, Cape Girardeau

The Cut, 623 Good Hope St., Cape Girardeau

Gallery 125, 125 Main St., Cape Girardeau

Meyer's Bakery, 1811 E. Jackson Blvd., Jackson

A-J Video, 866 N. Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau

SEMO Motorsports, 3226 E. Jackson Blvd., Jackson

Joe's Auto Body & Restoration, 7582 Highway CC, Jackson

S&S Enterprises, 2520 Maria Louise, Cape Girardeau

Creative Expressions, 557 Windwood Lake Drive, Cape Girardeau

February 2005

Botanicals, 208 Independence, Cape Girardeau

T&K Candles, 157 River Ridge Lane, Cape Girardeau

D&R Tools, 1525 Good Hope, Cape Girardeau

Ashley Furniture Homestore, 4700 E. Jackson Blvd., Jackson

Natural Health, 135 S. Broadview, Cape Girardeau

No Nonsense Heating & Cooling, 4837 Persimmon Lane, Jackson

Kohl's, 315 Shirley, Cape Girardeau

Through the Lens Photography, 1626 New Madrid, Cape Girardeau

March 2005

Nature's Way, 2117 Nottingham, Cape Girardeau

The Artist Studio, 1533 Kurre Lane, Cape Girardeau

Plainswalker Games, 153 Westfield Shoppingtown, Cape Girardeau

Hunan Chinese Buffet, 1815 E. Jackson Blvd., Jackson

Deb's Quick Stop, 12209 Highway 25, Chaffee (Scott County)

Big Don's Merchandise, 314 S. Sprigg, Cape Girardeau

Matco Tools, 264 Chickweed Lane, Jackson

Riverfront Antique Mall, 19 N. Main, Cape Girardeau

Gene & Sue's Used Treasures Consignment Shop, 2630 Highway FF, Jackson

April 2005

Dittmer Transmissions, 257 County Road 466, Jackson

Marguerite's Boutique, 1029 Broadway, Cape Girardeau

Faires Ltd., 401 N. Clark, Cape Girardeau

Hapkido USA, 131 S. High St., Jackson

Buffalo Vending Service, 303 Lacey St., Cape Girardeau

Coad Toyota, 517 S. Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau

G&R Distributing, 503 Equine Trail, Jackson

Hump Doggs, 107 Independence, Cape Girardeau

Rescue Beauty Supply, 225 Village Drive, Jackson

Roth Fabrication, 4345 County Road 513, Oak Ridge

Legends Galleries, 2019 Concord Place, Cape Girardeau

Bud's Vacuum Sales & Service, 705 William, Cape Girardeau

May 2005

O'Kelly Speed Shop. 319 Wildlife Lane, Whitewater

Upward Technologies, 808 Brown St., Jackson

Legett & Platt, 4614 Nash Road, Cape Girardeau

Holiday Happenings, 225 Westfield Mall, Cape Girardeau

Spa 151, 151 S. Spanish, Cape Girardeau

Legacy Printing, 171 Rolling Hills Drive, Cape Girardeau

Maggie Mays, 1603 Bessie, Cape Girardeau

Edge Industries, 760 S. Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau

Moore & Moore Sales & Service, 440 Highway P, Chaffee

American Rebel Motorcycles, 839 S. Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau

Cape Custard Co., 809 N. Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau

Billy P Productions, 191 County Road 545, Jackson

Rainbow Playstations, 226 Westfield Mall, Cape Girardeau

Sell's Photography, 2548 Highway FF, Jackson

Bragg Auto Repair, 439 Optimist Drive, Cape Girardeau

June 2005

Edwin Electric, 309 S. Spanish, Cape Girardeau

Store Holiday, 636 Good Hope, Cape Girardeau

Color Me Beautiful Studio, Cape Girardeau

Bountiful Baskets by Celeste, 1101 N. Fountain, Cape Girardeau

Ole Country Store, 1007 S. Sprigg, Cape Girardeau

Cape Girardeau Christy's of Cape, 2031 Cape LaCroix Road, Cape Girardeau

Rowland Custom Trailers, 11027 Highway 61, Jackson

Haug Heaven, 2541 Highway B, Oak Ridge

Memories Made in Missouri & More, 110 Themis, Cape Girardeau

Hometown Cash Advance, 117 Jefferson, Jackson

Bead Dazzled Designs, 1136 Jackson Trail, Jackson

Spradlin Automotive, 510 S. Hope, Jackson

Sportsmen Hide a Box, 257 Memory Lane, Oak Ridge

Drums Wildlife Feeders, 10194 Highway 72, Millersville

Fenny's Mexican Restaurant, 2027 Independence, Cape Girardeau

The Pin Cushion, 3860 E. Jackson Blvd., Jackson

Touch of Juls, 110 S. High, Jackson

Renaud on Location Photography, 1843 Dixie Blvd., Cape Girardeau

Let It Grow, 725 Broadway, Cape Girardeau

July 2005

Edward Bernard Gallery, 107 W. Drive, Suite D, Cape Girardeau

Steve's Auto Etc., 2769 E. Jackson Blvd., Jackson

Indoor Air Advantage, 3806 Valley View Lane, Cape Girardeau

Under the Sun, 2031 Cape LaCroix Road, #F, Cape Girardeau

G&S Motors, 200 County Road 216, Dutchtown

El Bracero Mexican Restaurant, 1815 E. Jackson Blvd., Jackson

Cape Motorsport, 304 S. Mount Auburn Road, Cape Girardeau

Pro Car Wash, 4 Starwood Court, Cape Girardeau

Heartland On-Site Fleet Services, 2121 Bessie St., Cape Girardeau

Creative Trim & Performance, 2215 Broadway, Cape Girardeau

Caring Touch Center, 350 Highway Y, Jackson

Farmers Pool & Spa, 2121 William, Cape Girardeau

Zydeco Auto Restification, 1320 Old Cape Road, Jackson

Baskets of Joy, 5050 Highway 72, Jackson

Heartland Mechanical & Supply, 1700 Broadway, Cape Girardeau

Class Act Gymnastics, 2336 County Road 307, Jackson

August 2005

Ancient Treasures, 1626 Independence, Cape Girardeau

Machaira Enterprises, 1460 Bella Vista, Jackson

Cape Sewn Art, 2322 Belleridge Pike, Cape Girardeau

Rhodes 101 Stop, 1624 N. Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau

Funtastx, 136 West Park Mall, Cape Girardeau

New To You, 105 E. Adam, Jackson

Semo Happy Feet, 134 West Park Mall, Cape Girardeau

Aquamsi Muffler Shop, 211 Aquamsi St., Cape Girardeau

Mind's Eye, 125 E. Main, Jackson

Semo Gun Shows, 2509 Fairlane Drive, Cape Girardeau

Custom Cut Fabrication, 2021 Highway PP, Jackson

B&R Motor Sports, 120 Tonya Drive, Jackson

Transport Refrigeration, 3359 Highway 74, Cape Girardeau

Meals In Thyme, 1131 N. Kingshighway, Suite K, Cape Girardeau

September 2005

Brown's Music, 3301 Highway FF, Jackson

Subway, 3051 E. Jackson Blvd., Jackson

S&S Pawn, 134 S. Sprigg, Cape Girardeau

Provision Interiors, 508 County Road 320, Gordonville

Art By Nikula, 1428 Price Drive, Cape Girardeau

Cape Candle Co., 2414 Horseshoe Ridge, Cape Girardeau

Tri-Dot Services, 3342 Highway FF, Jackson

The Corner Store & Cafe, POB 256, Jackson

The Mattress Guys, 351 N. Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau

J&N Enterprise, 171 Highway Z, Gordonville

October 2005

Creative 4 Ever, 802 Caribou Court, Cape Girardeau

Barcelona, 1321 North Hills Drive, Cape Girardeau

The Bayou Bar & Grill, 18701 Highway 177, Jackson

Sweet Magnolia Gift Emporium, 364 Mills Drive, Jackson

Hi-Tech Communications, 623 S. Silver Springs Road, Cape Girardeau

Cup 'N' Cork, 46 N. Main St., Cape Girardeau

November 2005

Cat Cards, 2119 Broadway, Cape Girardeau

J&N Enterprise, POB 102, Gordonville

White Castle, 102 Siemers Drive, Cape Girardeau

Rhodes 101, POB 1807, Cape Girardeau

The Mattress Guys, 351 S. Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau

Cintas Fire Protection, 401 S. West End Blvd., Cape Girardeau

Roth Restaurant Supply, 823 S. Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau

Jazzy Fays Boutique, 676 Napa Circle, Cape Girardeau

Kicks Soccer Shop, 211 S. Plaza Way, Cape Girardeau

John's RX, 2003 Independence, Cape Girardeau

Taekwondo Advantage, 152 Westfield Mall, Cape Girardeau

Susan's Clever Hair Wear, 134 Westfield Mall, Cape Girardeau

Tea By Two Sisters, 2882 County Road 543, Jackson

Feiner Ideas, 1412 Greenway, Jackson

December 2005

Tri-Dot Services, 3342 Highway PP, Jackson

Auto Doctor, 1300 Water St., Cape Girardeau

El Durango, 115 Westfield Mall, Cape Girardeau

Hair Studio, 227 S. Plaza Way, Cape Girardeau

Panera LLC, 6710 Clayton Road, Richmond Heights, Mo.

Different Twist Pretzel Co., 167 Westfield Mall, Cape Girardeau

Fiesta Grocery, 517 N. Silver Springs Road, Cape Girardeau

Michelle's Place, 865 N. Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau

Sunrise Recording Studio, 45 N. Main St., Cape Girardeau

Trevor Stores Inc., 182 West Park Mall, Cape Girardeau

Sweet Magnolia Gift Emporium, 364 Wills Drive, Jackson

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