Letter to the Editor

Jetton's actions protect taxpayers

Thursday, February 23, 2006

To the editor:

After reading about the controversy sparked by House Speaker Rod Jetton's stance on the issue of the funding of the River Campus at Southeast Missouri State University, I feel compelled to write my first letter to the editor. Would you want an elected official to stand quietly by when funds were being expended without state approval? As for the university's reasoning that it was saving the taxpayers money by proceeding with the construction before costs went up, that's ludicrous. Why don't banks lend money to everyone who wants to build a house before the cost of housing construction goes up? Because they have rules about who qualifies for loans. The biggest rule is the loan must be paid back. I applaud Jetton and his stand on this issue. Maybe if more politicians asked hard questions, our budget wouldn't be in the shape it'sin.

VICKI SMITH, CEO, Cross Trails Medical Center, Cape Girardeau