Everybody's a critic - 'Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines'

Friday, July 11, 2003

Three stars (out of 4)

"She'll be back." Again and again and again. Borrowing from "T2"'s basic premise, a superior TX and Arnold Schwarzenegger, flesh-covered machines are sent from the future in "Terminator 3." One machine is to protect and one to destroy John Connor and his lieutenants, who will lead a force to destroy Skynet, a program that allows machines to rule the world.

Claire Danes plays Kate Brewster, a surprisingly strong role, even though she screams a lot at first. She pulls herself together to receive the ultimate compliment from Connor: "You remind me of my mother," which in this case has nothing to do with keeping house or baking. It means she can fire an automatic weapon with a vengeance.

As a Terminator fan, I fell right into the fast pace of this film. "T-3" sets up a possible "T-4." Besides, Arnold promises, "We will meet again."

- Kara Lyons, staff assistant

Three stars (out of 4)

There are only two things I remember about the prior Terminator films (besides "Hasta la vista, baby" ): Arnold Schwarzenegger, of course; Linda Hamilton (Was she one fabulous "don't mess with me" chick or what?); and extraordinary action scenes. Although the introductory narrative to "T3" is helpful, the real recipe for Terminator success remains the same: Save-the-world-from-the-bad-guys plot, awesome visual effects (provided by another Donna -- Donna Langston), and a pinch of well-timed humor ("Talk to the Hand" is Arnold's new motto in 2003).

The almost mute but gorgeous T-X robot (Kristanna Loken) nearly steals the show from the obsolete T-800 (Schwarzenegger). In true Terminator fashion, Arnold refuses to be "stripped" (literally) of his superhero defender status and in the end proves that brawn can squash blonde.

- Donna Rosanswank, marketing director

Three stars (out of 4)

This third film in the Terminator series will solidify the trilogy's place as one of the best action/sci-fi series ever. Other reviews had me believing that "T3" paled in comparison with "T1" and "T2." While it may or may not be the equal of the first two films, the futuristic plot is solid if not spectacular and at least 75 percent of the film is non-stop, testosterone-laden action.

"Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" is about action first and plot second, and the fact that the whole thing is based on a continuously serviceable story is a plus. While some of "Ahnold's" dialogue is trite, and parts of the script are ridiculous, this is a totally entertaining film. It should be among the front-runners for this year's special-effects Oscar.

- Jeff Rosanswank, federal public defender

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