Speak Out B 07/10/03

Friday, July 11, 2003

Don't blame pond scum

AFTER READING the comment about Capaha Park's dirty pond, I started laughing. Mosquitoes don't come from pond scum. They come from the water. The only way to fix that problem is drain the pond. Pond scum has nothing to do with attracting mosquitoes.

Of vital importance

THIS IS to the person who wonders why we need an athletic director. How does he think all the games are scheduled? Magic? How do officials get scheduled to work the games? Magic again? What about making sure the coaches are upholding the MSHSAA rules? That is the most important thing they do. All high schools are governed by the same insurance group. If a athletic team is breaking rules and a player gets hurt, guess what happens. The school loses its insurance. So the athletic director plays a vital role in making sure the school is able to stay open.

Hatred is sinister

AS AN avowed heterosexual, it's the gay-haters' agenda that scares me a whole lot more than some supposedly existing gay agenda. Hatred of one group has a way of spilling over into hatred of yet other groups. Hatred must be always feeding, always growing.

Budget blackmail

GOV. BOB Holden was trying a former President Clinton maneuver: Threaten vetoes until you get the legislature to back down while telling the citizens how much they are going to lose. This is blackmail by the governor. The courageous ones are the legislators who stuck to their budget guns.

Presidential history

IN RESPONSE to the Associated Press article "War and single-term presidents -- A curse on the White House": Good grief! Did the dog eat this writer's homework ? The article doesn't match the headline. I suppose it depends on what you call a war. Clinton got re-elected after Bosnia. Madison was in his second term when the War of 1812 ended. Lincoln and McKinley were cut down by assassins. Wilson was in his second term when World War I ended. FDR was elected to a fourth term and then died.

A good agenda

AS A God-fearing, tax-paying, patriotic gay male, I've benefited from seeing people with my same beliefs portrayed in a positive light through books, magazines, TV and other media. If conservatives want to label that as a gay agenda, then so be it.

Not a good thing

BECAUSE ECONOMIC times are not the best, it may not be wise for the Cape Girardeau School District to appear to be whining about lack of anticipated tax revenue. Greed is not good.

Fiscal complaining

I'M SO tired of reading about the Cape school district complaining about its lack of money at least once a week. They spend over 30 percent more per child than Jackson, but where would most people rather send their children? When are people going to start holding the administration and school board accountable for the financial mismanagement? Will it be after the state has to take over the school?

Becoming less safe

ONE REASON why concealed-weapons laws are a bad idea is they force petty thieves to make the assumption that anyone who sees them might be packing heat. They feel they must shoot people that, before these laws, they would have ignored as they ran away. So the gun violence goes up, not down. People become less safe, not more safe.

By the time we're dead

ELI FISHMAN'S guest column points out a fundamental short-term problem with globalization: loss of U.S. jobs to low-wage countries. However, the tide of history is against Fishman. In the long run, these low-wage countries will democratize, protect workers right and pay them a decent wage. In the long run it will work out for the best. Of course, one must keep in mind as well that in the long run we're all dead.

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