Letter to the Editor

Let the residents of Cape submit slogans, logos

Friday, July 11, 2003

To the editor:

I recently read the local tourist bureau is spending $40,000 to devise a new slogan and logo to be used for promoting visitors.

Coming up with a promotional gimmick is not a bad idea. Spending $40,000 is.

My suggestion is the city and the Southeast Missourian should sponsor a contest for Cape Girardeau residents to come up with an idea or artwork for a city identity.

Nobody is more familiar with Cape's assets than its citizens.

The contest should be promoted to everyone. In particular, the effort should be promoted among schoolchildren and their teachers.

A prize should be offered plus a plaque inscribed with the logo indicating the recipient was responsible for the design.

The more likely submissions could be displayed on the newspaper's Web site, and readers could vote.

Ultimately, the decision should be left up to a committee from your editorial staff, the city and the tourist bureau managers.

My submission is below.


Cape Girardeau