Ricky Clemons no longer deserves MU

Friday, July 11, 2003

Ricky Clemons' name has been in headlines all over Missouri this week. The University of Missouri basketball player, on suspension from the team after pleading guilty to assaulting a woman, was injured while riding an ATV on the Fourth of July at the home of university president Elson Floyd.

As a result of his questionable activities -- and there are still many unanswered questions -- Clemons has been ordered to jail instead of the halfway house where he had been living since his guilty plea.

The next headline about the errant hoop star should be "Clemons kicked off team, booted from MU."


Because he's proven he will lie to get what he wants. Since when does an athletic program like Quin Synder's basketball team need a troublemaker who can't tell the truth?

First Clemons lied to his coaches after the assault incident but later pleaded guilty to charges. Then he lied to the university president after inviting himself to a holiday get-together and saying he wasn't due back at the halfway house until late in the evening.

The university has already bent over way too far for Clemons. As commendable as it is for coaches and the top university administrator to try to help him, the point of deserving special assistance has long been passed.

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