Candy woman Dylan Lauren decodes Valentine's confections

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

NEW YORK -- Nothing says "BE MINE" or "URA QT" like Valentine's Day candy.

With the most romantic holiday being observed today, 30-year-old Dylan Lauren, owner and namesake of the sugarcoated dispensary Dylan's Candy Bar, offered some sweet advice on choosing sugary comestibles to give to your honey.

Lauren advises admirers to be creative and personalize their dandy candy offerings.

"Know what the person you're dating -- or even if it's a family member -- what they like," Dylan said. Here, Lauren offers a translation of your lover's sweet tooth, divided by genres of goodies:

Chocolate: "Chocolate's an aphrodisiac," says Lauren. "It's a gift for someone who you want to be happy and make feel like they're on a high. It's something sensual."

Pez: "We have Swarovski crystal Pez dispensers (retail value: $165) for the woman who wants to have something beautiful in her handbag but also loves to have candy instead of a mint at a party," explains Lauren. "Pez really appeal to any age group."

Sours: "It takes a certain person to like sours. I don't really like sours so you've gotta know the person you're giving it to. Chocolate's a little more general."

Edible panties: "That would be for someone who has a sense of humor and you've been dating for one month or a year, because it's sorta got a sense of humor behind it," advises Lauren. "It's not to be taken too seriously. Anyone can have fun with edible underwear even if they're not together in a romantic sort of way yet. It's just funny. Women look at it and laugh. We don't take it too literally. Some people may, though."


"Gum I wouldn't recommend giving to people as a gift," says Lauren, "although one Valentine's Day, the guy I was dating knew I loved Bazooka and bought me a box of 25 pieces of Bazooka and wrapped it in a ribbon. I thought it was the most original gift because it was so personal to me."

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