Speak Out A 07/10/03

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Waste of money

BEFORE YOU complain about the rich getting richer and whining about what you don't have, consider how much good money you throw away on fireworks. Using money wisely and getting a real bang for your buck is how you acquire assets. Spending money on bottle rockets and Roman candles wastes money and irritates your neighbors.

It's working -- too well

THE BUSH economic plan is really working. I will be getting a few more dollars in my pay check. The unemployment rate is up again. And education, social, health and environmental programs across the country are being underfunded and destroyed. Congratulations, President Bush, for a job well done. This is exactly why I voted for you: more money in my pocket and fewer government programs.

Time for praise

TO PROPOSE that the Greatest Generation, the generation that helped win World War II, is made up of "panhandlers" is beyond the pale. This same generation seems to be on the way to winning at least a partial victory over the drug companies. They deserve thanks and praise, not condemnation.

A good deed

I WOULD like to thank the correctional officer who took the time to warn me of an impending danger as I was on my way to work on the Fourth of July holiday. A cow was in the lane in which I was driving. Due to the fog and location, I did not see the animal. This young man not only flagged me down, but got the cow back in to the pasture. I would not be here today if it were not for him. Unfortunately, I did not get his name. But I want to thank him.

Cat fight, or music?

THE MUSIC played on the speakers at the fireworks display was awful. The last song sounded more like a cat fight.

Great fireworks

THANK YOU, Cape Girar-deau, for the fireworks display. It was a lot of fun, and the fireworks were great.

Flexible document

THE REASON the U.S. Constitution is such an ingenious document is that the Founding Fathers wrote it in general terms, thus assuring it would be flexible and could be adapted to the times as they changed. Surely David Limbaugh knows this and is merely arguing that absolutism is enshrined in the Constitution in order to try to further advance what he sees as the conservative agenda.

Leave fireworks to pros

I LEARNED on Fox News Network that approximately 10,000 Americans would be injured, maimed or killed by fireworks over the course of the three-day Fourth of July holiday weekend. A terrorist act is an act which causes harm to innocent persons. I think I heard one time that the definition of a weapon of mass destruction is the ability to create 10,000 or more casualties. By these definitions, fireworks are a terrorist act with a weapon of mass destruction which we commit upon ourselves. It's time we grew up and quit playing with fire. It's time we restricted fireworks to trained and licensed personnel.

Selective reading

IT'S AMAZING how some people in this country stand for freedom and liberty for all unless people think differently than they. The Supreme Court did right in striking down the sodomy laws. As usual, opponents refer to the Bible but only use selected passages while they break every other rule in that book.

Fireworks out of control

FIREWORKS HAVE gotten completely out of control. How many innocent families have to lose their homes and all their possessions before Jackson and Cape Girardeau outlaw fireworks? It makes no difference whether there's supervision or not. Adults can't call 911 any faster or give the home and possessions back to the family that is now without everything. Please outlaw fireworks.

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