Speak Out 2/10/06

Friday, February 10, 2006

Thanks for hockey

I WOULD also like to thank Red Star Baptist Church for the floor hockey on Tuesday evenings. The kids love it.

Turning other cheek

I HOPE everyone is watching the reaction of Muslims to the political cartoon insulting their spiritual leader and comparing it to the Christian response to the almost daily insults hurled at Jesus Christ in this country. One insult to Muhammad and there are riots all over the Moslem world. As Christians we are taught to turn the other cheek. We do not riot in the streets. There is a difference between religions.

Legal limits

A SPEAK Out comment asked what happened to the swat on the behind to the juvenile who was arrested for assault and possession of a weapon. Today not even the parents can swat kids or they holler child abuse. The only way to teach children to do right these days is through the legal system.

Upholding what's right

HOORAY FOR the three city council members in Chaffee who weren't intimidated by good-old-boy politics and pushed for further investigation into the money situation. It takes guts to stand up for what is right, and I applaud them.

Rely on scientists

MANMADE OR not, it's pretty dumb to believe global warming isn't happening. On one hand I have physicists, chemists, meteorologists and academics telling me one thing. Pundits, radio hosts and op-ed writers are arguing against global warming. What great fortunes do scientists hope to derive from any false claims that global warming is a threat? The Wall Street Journal should stick to money matters and let the scientists worry about science.

Where now?

I MUST congratulate our Canadian neighbors for finally realizing what liberal socialism was doing to their country and voting in a more conservative party. Who I really feel sorry for in all of this is American liberals. Where are they going to threaten to move to when they pitch one of their hissy fits because they didn't get their way? Maybe Hugo Chavez will invite them to Venezuela.

Collective power

NBC PULLED the plug on two of its offensive programs only after thousands of us sent e-mails through the American Family Association both to the network and its sponsors. It shows what Christians can do if we stand up to be counted. We have been silent far too long about the content of both television and movies. No wonder our younger generation has the values it does. Young people see this filth every day. I cannot believe Hollywood has given so many awards to this latest piece of trash.

Get the real story

BOTH KFVS and the Southeast Missourian should be ashamed of the sad jobs they are doing reporting the battle between Cairo, Ill., Mayor Paul Farris and his city council. There is a story there, but no one is telling it. Tell the public how this all happened. How did it start? Who's in the right, and who's in the wrong? Why did the people in Cairo vote the former mayor out of office? Are members of the city council really concerned citizens?

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