Letter to the Editor

Handicapped need access to restrooms

Friday, February 10, 2006

To the editor:

I think something should be done about businesses that open their doors for business but have their restrooms closed with signs that say "Out of order" when they are working. Businesses should lock their doors if restrooms are out of order and not expect people to shop with them.

One business says its restroom is handicapped-accessible, but the pull bar is on the opposite side of the stool and can't be reached. Another restroom labeled "Handicapped" has no pull bar, just a sink cabinet by the stool. And another bathroom is so small you have to back your wheelchair in to get to the stool and leave the door open.

How many other businesses have this situation? How many are not following the codes for restrooms and entrances for the handicapped? Why are new buildings being built without following building codes?

This needs to be checked out.