Fitness Q&A 7/10/03

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Vicki Wilson, 18

  • What is your favorite exercise/which exercise is the most effective?

    "I like to do squats for leg strength."

    How do you stay physically fit?

    "I do a mixture of weightlifting, running, plyometrics and take fitness class at school along with jumping rope."

    Where do you go to work out and how often?

    "I work out four to five times a week at school."

    What do you eat?

    "I really try to stay away from candy and sugary stuff. I also try to stay away from pizza and fast food like McDonalds. I typically eat a lot of pasta and grains, I love pasta."

    What do you think of supplements?

    "I've never tried them. I don't even take vitamins."

    How do you motivate yourself?

    "As an athlete you want to be the best, and I figure if I don't work out someone else is getting better and I'm not."

    --Jeremy Joffray

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