Letter to the Editor

Dogs need love and the best of care

To the editor:

Last year we adopted a boxer. He has been the best dog. He had a birth defect, but it was no one's fault, and the owners have been wonderful. They are working with us to give us a second puppy because of the original dog's birth defect. Two weeks ago we visited the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri and saw a German shepherd pup. We waited until she was available and adopted her. We loved her from the moment we saw her. However yesterday she died of a contagious disease.

My point is this: No matter how you get your pet, you need to take every step to ensure that you are doing all you can to have healthy puppies and doing your part by getting the animal spayed or neutered. These animals deserve a wonderful life, and we owe it to them to take good care of them and love them and be there with them, through good times and bad.

It ended up costing us over $400 that we didn't have for our pup to die. We sat with the dog and loved on her even in her dying moments. However, I can go to bed at night knowing we did everything in our power to save this awesome pup.

We now have to watch out for our boxer to ensure he keeps his good health. If he can get past the depression of losing his best friend, maybe we all will move on.