Speak Out 2/8/06

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Thanks to a teacher

I WANT to thank Julie Gray for doing so much this year. She is a teacher at Central Junior High school and has given all of her time to her students.

Cultural morass

"CAPOTE" AND "Good Night, and Good Luck" were two of the best movies I've seen in the last year. The total attendance in both movies when I went (counting me) was nine. Cape Girardeau is mired in a cultural morass of massive proportions.

Volunteers in Iraq

A COMMENT said the media choose to be in Iraq but our military has no choice. That's wrong. Today's military is an all-volunteer force.

Not a rosy city

I AM glad to see Cape Girardeau move away from its nickname City of Roses. Roses are a high-maintenance plant. Attempts to plant roses at certain intersections in town seem to have failed as the roses did not thrive. In reality, other than the rose garden at Capaha Park, there really aren't that many roses in town anyway.

Doesn't sound true

DOES ANYONE think a teacher would be so careless and heartless to call African-American children ignorant? If it were true, the teacher would be reprimanded or even lose his job. Students accusing a teacher of this may have misinterpreted a comment or even made it up. Children are known to lie or fabricate stories. It is sad that many parents in our community believe everything their children say over the trained professionals who give so much of themselves each day to educate the children of unappreciative adults.

Speech reaction

I WATCHED the State of the Union address by President Bush. It was elegant and uplifting. His wife was a picture of decency and dignity, a couple dedicated by Christian values and true meaning of serving their country and loving America as many of us do. But then I watched some of the responses of the Democrats and the political commentaries. It immediately turned into hate bashing. Every comment was taken apart and a vile interpretation of doom and gloom and disaster emerged. What has come of the respect, honesty, character and values of politicians?

Fountain improvements

I'D HEARD about the fountains at the new entrance to Southeast Missouri State University, but I didn't know where they would be on Broadway. Those fountains are such a plus for Cape Girardeau. I thank the university for the constant improvements. They make our community a better place to be. I hope business owners can follow through. I'm proud of the business owner who's redoing the motel on Kingshighway. It certainly is going to make Kingshighway look better. All business owners who take pride in our city make our city a better place to be. The new fountains are a definite plus.

Simple answer

THE REASON the prices of gasoline and oil are so high is simple. We consume so much, and we aren't willing to change our habits. The oil-producing countries have the oil, and we want it. They're acting like good business people and charging what the market will bear. It's that simple.

Alternative fuels

HOW MANY of you wish Al Gore had been given the election like he should have? He would have started the country moving on alternative fuels. By this time we would be well on our way to doing something. He and others have recommended things like the Manhattan Project for changing the fuels that we use in this country. But President Bush and his oil buddies have been sitting back and pumping the profits. It's like Tom Friedman said: We should have launched the Manhattan Project for energy and self-sufficiency, but we've played around. There are things like ethanol, methanol and fuel cells that could have changed the whole energy situation.

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