Speak Out 2/6/06

Monday, February 6, 2006

Inherited problems

MAYOR PAUL Farris of Cairo, Ill., did indeed inherit some of today's problems. He has never had a chance to work for the betterment of Cairo. Most of the council members were against him from the beginning and were determined not to work with him, but they were there when payday came around. It is time for them to go to work or leave. My money would be much better spent to pay my utility bill then to pay theirs.

Taking land is legal

EMINENT DOMAIN seizures for public works projects are allowed by the Constitution. The controversial Supreme Court decision that has everyone up in arms was about turning the seized property over to private developers. The action Cape Girardeau is taking in the Eleanor Jones case may be morally wrong, but it is perfectly legal.

Skating on probation

People who are mad about the lack of punishment for DWI offenders should watch a court preceding. It's a joke. People charged with their third DWI offense still skate on probation. You can thank your prosecutors for the lack of will to go to trial by asking everybody to plead out to lesser offenses.

Unfunded program

It's time for Missouri to stand up for state rights and defy the No Child Left Behind unfunded program. States need to stop letting the federal government blackmail it into these programs on the threat of withheld funding for other items.

Superb performance

Congrats to the "Steel Magnolias" team for a superb performance. It was great entertainment by an outstanding cast. I have not been to a school play in several years, and this play exceeded my expectations. Hats off to a terrific team of talent, especially the young women who played Shelby and Ouiser.

Expensive property

I can't believe Cape Girardeau paid $180,000 for 1.12 acres of land. There is no place in Cape Girardeau County worth that much other than possibly Siemers Drive where all the new businesses are. How can the city justify this price? If the land increases in value in the next 10 years, maybe the city can sell the property and have enough money to pay for the new station on a cheaper piece of ground.

Invasion of privacy

To the person who suggested that we give drug tests to all U.S. citizens: It is bad enough that the government can spy on every aspect of our public life, but now you suggest that we allow the government to invade what little privacy we have left. What do you suggest we do with those who fail the drug test? Why don't we give tests for alcohol use or smoking?

Covering war deaths

THE COVERAGE of the unfortunate injuries to two ABC journalists in Iraq has been a media blitz. If the deaths and injuries of each of our military personnel in Iraq was as well covered in the news, maybe our elected officials would be forced to get our kids out of Iraq. The journalists chose to be in Iraq. Most of our military personnel have no choice.

FDA approval

CAN ANYONE remember when our Food and Drug Administration was a consumer-protection agency that cared about the foods and drugs it approved? It seems that if you enough money and clout in Washington, you can get poison passed for human consumption.. I find it odd that the FDA is supposed to regulate the industries that provide it with the bulk of its funding.

Change the boundaries

IF THE Cape Girardeau Public Library is going to expand the facility on Clark Street, it should also expand its boundaries to include all of the city. There are many people in the city who cannot use the library because of the antiquated library boundaries. That should be corrected.

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