Fan Speak Feb5

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Change needed

COULD IT be that the Southeast Missouri State athletic department needs a change? What kind of basketball program does Southeast expect to have when the coaches have no money to recruit, no money for staff, no money for summer school? Men's coach Garner is a great guy and a great coach. Both he and women's coach B.J. Smith always try to do what is best for their teams. It's easy to sit on the outside and criticize. I am at a loss why we haven't renewed coach Smith's contract. I want our teams to win championships. We need to keep our coaches and find someone to support them in the athletic department.

B.J.'s status

AT WHAT point do we know what is going to happen with Southeast's women's basketball coach? When is signing period? How can recruiting continue? What do you tell the recruit? I am concerned. I have supported the women's program since the start of the B.J. Smith era. I am angry. What more do you want from a head coach? Is the athletic department dragging their feet so B.J. can't sign any quality players so they can give him a one-year extension -- a slap in the face -- and fire him the following year?

Redhawks pride

I WAS proud to be a Southeast fan, as I watched the Redhawks take on Murray State last Saturday. It was exciting to watch the action on ESPN2.

Marketing masters

KUDOS TO the Southeast sports marketing department for their efforts all season at the Show Me Center for Southeast basketball, especially for the recent games Jan. 26 (Rowdy's birthday) and Jan. 28th (ESPN2). They were able to attract two pretty good crowds considering our men's basketball team can barely field a team these days. Whatever those marketing wizards pulled from their bag of tricks, it worked. There were plenty of young kids in attendance and the Southeast students were out in full force. Things would no doubt be a lot easier for the marketing department if they had a men's basketball team to market. A six-win season definitely is a tough sell.

A great story

TREMENDOUS STORY about Thornton Jenkins in the Southeast Missourian sports section on Thursday. Your blogger, Mike Mitchell, can really spin a tale. Fascinating information. Please give us more of Mike's stories and columns in the newspaper. His online blog is outstanding -- one of the best in the state.

Inflating egos

WHY DID the sports section start publishing the individual scoring charts this year? Many players already are selfish ballhogs, and this just makes it worse. Also, some coaches favor one player over others and run plays so one gets to shoot all the time regardless of the ability and effort of other players. You have certainly made things worse this year for kids trying to win as a team. Thanks for nothing.

Kudos to wrestlers

CONGRATULATIONS TO the Jackson varsity and junior varsity wrestling teams for winning both SEMO Conference tournaments. Keep up the good work.

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