Letter to the Editor

Best wishes to new associate justice

Saturday, February 4, 2006

To the editor:

Samuel Alito has endured the tough questions and political abuse of the confirmation process. U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy, however, was as wrong as he always thinks he is right in his remarks. But that is politics. Did you ever see it run smoothly? I have not.

Let's give Alito a chance. I like his calm and honest approach. His stand on the law concerning presidential rights is absolutely correct. The law is the law and should be treated as such. That is why we have the law.

Opinions vary on abortion. Alito has his own thoughts on the subject with some mixed feelings. That is normal for a subject like abortion.

As long as there is life in the womb, there is feeling. Remember that. To destroy this feeling is murder any way you take it. I would not want it on my conscience to destroy that life.

Medical advice is not always the answer. The power of prayer has done many things. Try it. You might be glad you did.

Alito is highly balanced, educated and honest with a great sensitivity for human values and respect for the law. I commend him for approaching each case in an impartial way. With his confirmation, his prayers have been answered and his wish granted in his drive to make a contribution to his country and to society. Such loyalty certainly deserves praise.

I wish him well. So do many others.

PAULA E. KEMPE, Cape Girardeau