Letter to the Editor

Encourage connectivity in Missouri

Friday, February 3, 2006

To the editor:

My company extends to international business opportunities, and I can tell you that technology flourishes in countries where government regulations are less restrictive. In countries where the regulations are burdensome, economic develop and quality of life suffers. Unfettered access to interactive video technology has allowed small businesses in Japan and South Korea to become leaders in the global market This technology allows them to reach customers, order and deliver products from virtually any point in the world quickly, easily and affordably. Broadband connectivity is vitally important to America's future. An all new fiber network will drive the next wave of innovation for consumers and bring an array of advanced communications and video services that will improve our ability to compete for local and international business.

Currently there is little competition among broadband service providers in Missouri, and as a result broadband service is offered with limited technology, high costs and poor service. Companies like AT&T that want to bring investment and innovation to Missouri should be encouraged.

STEVE CRAIN, Cape Girardeau