Letter to the Editor

Property owner defending her rights

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

To the editor:

It appears that Cape Girardeau is going to use the police power of government to take away the property of one of its citizens. Let there be no mistake about it, there is much more at stake than a 2,160-square-foot gravel lot. At stake is the right of individual citizens to be secure in their private property. Eleanor Jones is not a rogue citizen holding a city hostage. She is a patriot who is standing against an arrogant city government which thinks it can do as it pleases. The amount of money the city has offered her is of no matter. Either the woman owns her property or she doesn't. The citizens of Cape Girardeau should not stand idly by and allow their rogue government to take this property from this woman. I can only pray that the citizens of Cape Girardeau will stand with this woman in her fight to keep her property. How much are your constitutional rights worth? Do I hear $100,000?

BILL FOSTER, Charleston, Mo.