Speak Out 1/31/06

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

License hurdles

I CAN hardly wait till it's time to renew my driver's license. I am a woman of advancing years with multiple marriages under her belt and no imprinted seal on birth or latest marriage certificates. This should be so much fun. I wonder if family members in Kansas, Illinois or Georgia would be happy to have me living nearer them?

Friendliest carrier

I'VE READ where North Park Avenue, Kurre Lane and Georgia Street have a friendly mail carrier. On Drury Lane, we have one of the friendliest carriers you can get.

NBA and abortion

WHEN I opened my paper Tuesday, the front page said Kobie Bryant scored 81 points in one game. What a feat. What a talent. On the following page was a brief item about the pro-life marchers in Washington, D.C. Mother Teresa said that any nation that kills its children cannot survive. Someday when we succumb to the dragon from the Orient -- and I think most people know it will eventually happen -- I wonder how many will say, "Oh, dear God, is this end of the NBA?"

Inherited problems

THE CAIRO mayor has been in office two years and inherited most of the city's problems. You cannot blame the mayor for all the abandoned and crumbling buildings downtown, the expense of the approximately $100,000 annually for the $600-a-month salaries for each of the six city council members plus two pensions and health insurance for their families. I strongly doubt that any other town of 3,500 pays this kind of money for city council members. Four of those members recently announced they would no longer attend meetings but still expected to be paid. In order to thwart the mayor, the council has voted three times to not accept a $250,000 grant for improvements at Fort Defiance and have also voted down other grants to repair city streets. They need to resign and get people who are willing to work for the betterment of Cairo.

Religious teaching

I DON'T understand the complaints about Hinduism being taught in school. If this is about the culture of Hindus, I say there's no problem. If it's only about the religious aspect, I don't think this should be allowed any more than school officials would allow the teaching of God.

Judging others

MANY CALLERS continue to say that the Bible prohibits Christians from judging others. This is simply not so. The portion that is so often quoted is generally half-quoted. They will say "judge not," but they fail to quote the remainder of the verse: "Judge not lest ye be judged." Surely we know many Christians whose manner of living is such that they are in no position to judge. However, Christians are instructed in the epistles to rebuke and reprove sin in the household of God. I certainly don't see how that would be possible without some sort of judgment being exercised. Christians are called the salt of the earth. Salt was added to food to keep it from rotting. When Christians fail to act as they should, there is no salt, and the morals continue to decline. Christians and non-Christians are all sinners, but Christians are sinners saved by grace. They're not perfect. Apparently this does not preclude rebuking or reproving sin. If this were not true, God would not have instructed us to do so.

Wedge issues

VOTERS IN Missouri need to wake up. Nearing every election, Republicans pull wedge issues like gay rights and abortion out of their back pockets in an effort to get votes. A vast number of voters can know absolutely nothing about the candidate running but will cast their vote simply based on these two social issues. I heard Gov. Matt Blunt speak often about these two issues prior to his election and haven't heard a word since. Hence, we have found ourselves with one of the most inexperienced, inept governors our state has ever had to endure.

Cable competition

MUCH TO my dismay, I learned that my cable bill is going up again. But there is a glimmer of hope. The paper also reported the Senate is considering a bill that would spur competition in the cable-TV market. There is no effective cable competition now. It's about time someone did something for the consumer.

Higher tariffs

IN RECENT days, the news media have reported numerous U.S. businesses are closing. If Americans don't start calling our state and federal authorities to protect our jobs being sent out of the country, none of us eventually is going to have a job that will allow us to buy all of the imported goods. High tariffs need to be imposed on imported cars so our American cars and our American goods can compete. Buy American.

They don't mix

RELIGION AND politics are like oil and water. They simply don't mix. When we try to mix them, we find ourselves engulfed in chaos and anarchy just like the nations in the Middle East. Religion and faith are wonderful things, but people like Pat Robertson shouldn't be allowed anywhere near our White House.

School concerns

OUR GOVERNMENT got involved in public schools because too many students could not read by the time they graduated, and the teachers blamed the parents. In the past week, students at my child's school have had three assemblies plus a DARE program. My child's teacher has missed over 12 days this year due to illness, personal reasons or teachers meetings during school hours. The substitutes don't know basic algebra.

Choosing sides

THE BIBLE not only shows us the way to salvation, it also shows us how to live our everyday life. To live your life according to the Bible means you have to choose sides. What is wrong with a preacher reading from the Bible and preaching to his assembly how God would have us to live? It is blatantly obvious which side the churchgoer would choose.

Collector vehicles

THE BUS a caller recently complained about was sold at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale, Ariz. It is the 1950 GM Futureliner concept. Thirteen were made, and only nine are believed to exist. Originally the hammer fell for a value of $4.1 million and was finalized at $4 million plus 8 percent commission, significantly less than the $20 million the comment quoted. Collector vehicles are investments, and their value almost always increases. Who knows, in 10 years it might be worth $20 million.

Inappropriate photo

REGARDING THE death of the 17-year-old boy and the photo on the front page of the paper: I believe it was in poor taste that the Southeast Missourian put this kind of picture on the front page. The newspaper needs to have some consideration for the family.

It's all for progress

REGARDING THE Bloomfield Road project: If you think that since the public had input that there won't be complaints, you are wrong. You will never please everyone in this town. I would imagine that residents in that area will be some of the first to complain because they can't drive 45 mph or it will be dusty if the detour is gravel. Those coming from old Highway 74 will complain because the detour will add minutes to their commute. I wish people would understand that sometimes progress is not made without some inconveniences.

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