Out of the past 1/30/06

Monday, January 30, 2006

25 years ago: Jan. 30, 1981

The season's first major winter storm dumped up to seven inches of snow on the area overnight, causing extremely hazardous driving conditions that bring on dozens of minor accidents; some area schools closed early yesterday afternoon, and all schools, with the exception of Southeast Missouri State University, are closed today.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Gov. Christopher Bond asks for the resignation of University of Missouri Curator Robert Dempster of Sikeston, Mo.

50 years ago: Jan. 30, 1956

Members of the Jackson Chamber of Commerce meet at the Terrace Drive-in for dinner; the question of a state park in the 3,000-acre area near Moccasin Springs, along the river, is discussed; it is reported that the county committee, headed by A.C. Brase, is awaiting word from the attorney general on the feasibility of a bond issue, for $125,000, to take up the land options.

MARBLE HILL, Mo. -- A loss that may range as high as $50,000 on furniture stock alone was sustained by the Hopkins Brothers store here Saturday in a fire that destroyed the 99-year-old building the firm used as a warehouse; Jack Hopkins says the building was the principal warehouse for the Hopkins Brothers shopping center.

75 years ago: Jan. 30, 1931

Jefferson L. Morgan of Delta was in Jackson yesterday to claim the $5 bounty for slaying a bobcat; he encountered the animal while hunting on land owned by the Little River Drainage District; one of his dogs, too eager, received an ugly cut on the head in the fight before the cat was laid low by a second gun shot; this is the fourth bobcat killed near Delta this winter.

Members of the Ray Caraker family narrowly escape when fire sweeps their small frame dwelling at 818 S. Sprigg St. early in morning; passersby discover the flames at 1:45 a.m. and rouse the family just a few minutes before fire covers the entire roof.

100 years ago: Jan. 30, 1906

The packet boat India Givens passed upriver Sunday bound for St. Louis; it didn't stop at Cape Girardeau; a considerable lot of stock and horses taken to the wharf during the day was to be sent up on the boat; the boat was unable to get a crew in Cairo, Ill., and couldn't take on any freight.

The committee appointed by the Elks Club to select a site for a new opera house is out looking around; no snap judgments will be made, and when a location is finally decided upon, a building will be constructed that will be a credit to the order and a blessing to the city.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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