Speak Out 1/30/06

Monday, January 30, 2006

What will they do?

I SEE that Ford Motor Co. has is going to lay off 25,000 to 30,000 workers and close 14 plants, one of which is in St. Louis. I wonder what those poor people are going to do to. Hamburger places can only hire so many people. We are in a stratified depression.

Buy American

I HOPE people will see now why I have been preaching for years about buying American products, especially American cars and trucks. Think about people you know and write down how many of their jobs are effected by buying American products. American workers were making high union wages with all the benefits in the world. Each contract season, they would want more. Putting all that aside, think how many American businesses and industries are affected when you buy foreign products. It's much more important to buy American now than ever before.

License woes

I CAN sympathize with the woman from Van Buren who had trouble getting her driver's license. I was 80 years on Jan. 15. I went to get my driver's license with all the papers I was told I would need. When the clerk looked at my birth certificate with embossed print, she said she couldn't accept it and sent me to the county health department. The health department had me fill out a form. When my name was entered in the computer, no information came up. Finally the health department discovered that my birth certificate was registered with a misspelling. The doctor had put an "O" where there should have been an "A." I had to call Jefferson City and was sent more forms to fill out. I returned the papers with the incorrect birth certificate, a driver's license, voter registration card, Social Security card, marriage license and discharge papers from World War II and the Korean War. I haven't heard anything. I'm driving on a 60-day extension. The clerk at the license bureau said I'll probably have to get another 60-day extension, and it's possible I'll have to go to court. The people at the license bureau and health department were helpful, and I appreciate it.

Nuisance stoplights

SOMEONE IN my family drives to Cape Girardeau from Illinois nearly every day. We all question the need for so many traffic lights on Highway 74, especially the one at Fountain Street. Approximately 17,000 cars, emergency vehicles and 18-wheelers cross the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge everyday. It's ridiculous that thousands of vehicles have to stop at the foot of the bridge to allow one car from Fountain Street to access Highway 74. The only streets on Highway 74 that need traffic signals are Sprigg Street and Kingshighway. The rest are a nuisance.

Bad show canceled

I HEARD that NBC is already canceling "The Book of Daniel." That's a good decision. If a show had portrayed gays, lesbians, blacks or women in the way this show portrayed a family and God, the ACLU would have been outraged. NBC saw the light. There is justice sometimes in this country.

Two sets of laws

I WOULD like to know how long Chaffee residents are going to let certain people run the town and do anything they want and get by with it. It's not fair that Chaffee has two sets of laws.

Republican action

IT IS time for Republicans to act like they are the conservative party in America. Republicans need to get rid of any corrupt officials. Then we need to continue the Contract With America to help all Americans be the best they can be.

Don't let it drop

I DON'T think the Chaffee scandal should be dropped. This is not the first time we've been in this situation. The council did not vote to drop this matter. It should be brought to the public's attention.

Political middle ground

THANK YOU for publishing state Rep. Jeff Harris's column explaining the facts and fictions of Gov. Matt Blunt's recent statements concerning the budget and jobs. It's always beneficial to know both sides of a story that affects us all. As one of those Republicans who resides pretty much in the middle, I fear that next election time I'll be voting as a Democrat residing in the middle. As a Republican, runaway welfare programs bother me. However, I believe those Americans who, through no fault of their own need assistance, should have our help. Regardless of party leanings, we all should want the unadorned, basic truth from our politicians.

We're not Las Vegas

WHY ARE there video poker machines in bars and even some laundromats throughout Cape Girardeau? They are never confiscated by the police. These are not simply for fun. People win and lose money on these machines. Shut these machines down. This isn't Las Vegas. This is Cape Girardeau.

Laundry smoking

I RECENTLY visited a laudromat and was disgusted to walk into a smoke-filled facility. I am shocked that smoking would be allowed in a place where people go to get their clothes clean. I am a nonsmoker and do not appreciate having my clothes that I just paid to clean be covered in cigarette smoke. If you are a smoker, please be respectful to those who are not and step outside to smoke.

Turtle memories

I ALSO remember the turtle races at Riverfest. Riverfest was a grand event back then. I looked forward to it. I took my turtle to the races. He was a fast one too, but that year some other kid brought a big water turtle, and it was the fastest thing I had ever seen. It won every category. I also remember the turtle races that were held during the fall craft fest on the courthouse lawn in Jackson. That was another big event I enjoyed as a child. What happened to all these fun activities? And do children still enjoy racing turtles?

Doing everything

REGARDING why the kidnapped journalist's family would expect special treatment: If you had a loved one in that situation, I would hope you would be doing everything you could to bring your loved one home. That is all that they are doing: trying to save their daughter.

Tactless reporting

I KNOW the shooting death was big news the media felt they needed to cover, but I am disturbed by the fact that we have lost our reporting tact as to post a picture of the deceased young man's body on the front page of the paper. Would the reporter who covered the story want that done to his son? I would think not. As the men of a society go, so goes the society. Where is the honor for the deceased?

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