Bullying billy goat hardly phased by Taser

Monday, January 30, 2006

ROUND O, S.C. -- A normally pleasant billy goat turned gruff and, for his troubles, was zapped three times with a Taser gun. Dodge the billy goat snapped a leash and charged at neighbor Dawn Pinette, knocking her to the ground Wednesday in this community about 35 miles west of Charleston. "All I could do was grab his horns and scream bloody murder," Pinette, 38, said. Her daughter called police and Colleton County Deputy Jeff Scott arrived to try to help Pinette up. But the goat bullied his way in and the deputy used his Taser. At first, Pinette thought the goat was dead. "Within a few seconds he was back up and going after him again," she said. Deputies were finally able to get the goat in the back of a pickup truck, but not before stunning it twice more. Steve Tuttle, a spokesman for Taser International, said he has heard of a Taser being used on two moose in the Yukon as well as on a bear. "An ostrich would be the oddest one," Tuttle said.

Environmentally incorrect recycling

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- You may recycle cans and bottles, but Charleston County has a request for its residents: Please don't recycle your old guns and ammunition. The county is making the plea after dangerous items were found earlier this month at the county recycling plant. The plant has an assembly line where recycled items are sorted by hand, said Gregg Vainer, director of the county Solid Waste and Recycling Department. On Jan. 17, a worker found a torn paper bag with bullets inside. Then a second bag with another box of bullets came down the line. Next, workers found a box with bullets and three guns -- one of which was loaded. Police were called to pick up the guns and ammunition.

-- From wire reports

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