Letter to the Editor

Liberal bias in the media is just a myth

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

To the editor:

I am amazed at some of the letters you publish, the latest regarding the liberal bias in the media. Give me a break. It is my opinion that CBS, ABC and NBC are still living in the dark ages of TV journalism. They are not liberal by any means. If they were, they would be attacking President Bush every night the way the media used to attack Bill Clinton.

Partisanship is going to be the end of what little freedom we have left. The right-wingers want control just as bad as the left-wingers do, and they are all chasing the minority of people who have the deepest pockets so they can fill their own.

One other thing: Missouri, along with every other state, is having budget trouble. Our federal government is running huge deficits again. Unemployment is at a nine-year high. Can someone please explain to me why this "historically proven" economic technique doesn't seem to be working?

Liberal bias, my foot. Just watch Fox News and pretend the others don't even exist. Then you can also pretend you live in a utopian world where everything is perfect and peaceful.


Cape Girardeau