Everybody's a critic: 'The Producers'

Friday, January 20, 2006
A scene from 'The Producers'

Three stars (out of four)

"The Producers" is the latest comedy from the seasoned Mel Brooks. Brooks impressively wrote both the lyrics and music for the production. The music served its purpose well in helping to deliver the story of the two men, played by the original Broadway cast Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.

The story consists of two down on their luck characters trying to create a disastrous Broadway musical in order to make money. The musical is very light-hearted, yet fast paced, full of plenty of physical comedy for those who enjoy that style.

The music is light and fun, but the lyrics have a much more adult theme. Fans of Mel Brooks will not be disappointed as he still uses raunchy themes and plenty of double entendres throughout the story line.

At times the characters throughout the film were over-the-top for me. However, if you don't take yourself too seriously, this musical can bring you many laughs at the expense of Adolf Hitler and those of the Nazi regime.

-- Josh LaMar, teacher

Three stars (out of four)

"The Producers" is a Mel Brooks movie. That probably says most of what people need to know about it.

If you're a Mel Brooks fan, you'll love it, if not, you probably won't. This movie is based on Brooks' Broadway musical of the same name, and that was based on his movie of the same name (sans music) that starred Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder.

In this version the same roles are played by Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. It's hard to tell if they realize they're not still on stage. If you're expecting subtle humor, look elsewhere. If you're in the mood for schlock, this is the show for you.

If you get nervous watching flamboyantly gay humor, you might want to stay away. My wife and I enjoyed the movie, as much as anything, because it appeared that everyone in it thoroughly enjoyed themselves hamming it up.

-- Mark Koehler, teacher

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