St. Joseph magazine folds, leaving some looking for pay

Monday, July 7, 2003

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- Former employees of St. Joseph Magazine are wondering if the publication will ever have a second issue, but first they're wondering if they'll be paid for work they have already done.

The magazine was launched in November 2002 and published its first issue in April, but the second issue never made it to the printers.

David Langlais, who worked as the magazine's business manager from April until it closed last month, said he was paid $600 but was owed $5,400 more.

"I'm way behind on my rent. I'm behind on bills," Langlais said, adding, "But I bounce back. I always do."

Langlais, who said he was hired for $36,000 a year, said some people were never paid.

Publisher Karl Stout said an investor never came through with financial backing that had been promised for the magazine, which had three full-time employees and several freelancers.

"I relied on a friend and native of St. Joseph to supply or arrange for financing, and he failed to do that," Stout said. "Then when my money was gone, we couldn't get the second issue out even though it was all laid out and ready."

Gail Lombardino designed the May issue, but held it because she wasn't paid for the April issue.

"All I did was pretty much end it," Lombardino said.

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