Speak Out 1/19/06

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wrong impression

I'M CONFUSED by the comments referencing saris and turbans in the Jackson kilt debacle. Are people saying that wearing a turban is somehow a step further than the kilt? Why does it matter what someone wants to wear to a dance? The student obviously had done research on Scottish tradition. I'm embarrassed already for the day Jackson has a traditional Jewish, Muslim or Sikh student. Are we going to call them clowns and ridicule their beliefs as well? Congratulations on making Southeast Missouri look like a bunch of closed-minded rednecks yet again.

Enforce the code

IF THE Jackson School District thinks it needs to enforce the dress code, enforce it for everyone. That includes the girls that wear skimpy tops and low-rise jeans. If one person has to cover up, so does everyone else.

Destroying traditions

THIS COUNTRY was built on the traditions of other countries. A dress code is not a tradition. A tradition is a prayer before a football game. A tradition is saying "one nation under God." But we have destroyed those already.

Jackson's streets

WHAT HAPPENED to the new street sweeper in Jackson? It must be broken, because our streets look bad. I have noticed lots of streets that still have cinders from the last snowstorm. Lots of them still have leaves from the fall. The city should clean the streets like it used to. It would make our town look so much better.

Governor's legacy

EVEN THOUGH the Missouri government has experienced a healthy revenue increase, Gov. Matt Blunt has recommended that Medicaid cuts not be restored. This should solidify Blunt's place in Missouri history as a mean-spirited governor.

All about money

THE SOUTHEAST Missourian's massive coverage of the sleazy movie "Killshot" illustrates the conflict among conservatives between those who emphasize conservative Christian values and those who place more stress on boosting the local economy.

Start at home

SOUTHEAST Missourian editorial staff, get off Cairo's back. Cape Girardeau needs to get its own house in order.

Parents in charge

I DON'T like chicken. I don't like broccoli. Children don't always eat what they're supposed to. That's what the TV commercial says. Children don't do it because parents don't make them do it. My mother made me eat a little bit of something simply because it was good for me. But she cut all the fat off my pork chop. I will never forget that. I'm 76 years old now. Kids get by with anything thanks to television today.

Movie idolatry

MAYBE THE next time students take off from school to seek "Killshot" filming, they'll get to shake hands with the hit men who come to Cape Girardeau to murder the lead couple. That's just what the young people need: an education like "Killshot." It's idolatry gone crazy.

Safety first

I'M SO irritated at those who think they are spied on by the government in time of national defense against terrorism. What have they got to hide? A tiny group may have a reason to gripe: the terrorists. But if you're a decent American and have nothing to fear, you have no problems. Of course, if you're an illegal business or pornographer or adulterer, you may be nervous and embarrassed. I put the safety of our nation and its citizens above all in troubled in times.

Thanks for help

We had a flat tire at Bertling Street and Big Bend Road. It was raining and snowing on Jan. 13. Bill and Carl from the Division of State Parks were kind enough to stop and help us. We want to say thanks.

Animal illnesses

PEOPLE LIVING in close proximity with animals are prone to illness. Dogs and cats carry germs right into these people's homes.

Makes the point

MY CONGRATULATIONS to the Missourian for publishing the editorial cartoon showing Ted Kennedy saying, "Judge Alito's record shows he is not on the side of the little guy." On the other panel it shows a baby in utero saying "Au contraire." I think this drives the point home.

Iran's menace

I DON'T understand it. We attacked Iraq, but it didn't threaten us like Iran is now. Iran's leader is telling our president that he's going to fool with nuclear power. Why doesn't Bush do something about it?

Cairo reporting

THANKS FOR your recent articles about the conflicts at the Cairo City Council. It seems only the out-of-town press dares to report about this. TV stations blow into town like crows, gather what controversy they can and hurry back to their stations. They only stir the problems. Local media are threatened with loss of revenue and circulation by otherwise seemingly solid, law-abiding citizens of the community. From day one, the mayor has denied council members a vote on any issue where they can represent the wards or constituencies which elected them. Thanks again for your honest and concise reporting. Keep up the good work.

Foolishness of faith

JUNE SEABAUGH would no doubt laugh at anyone who, without skepticism, would take alien autopsy videotapes as proof of alien visitations. Yet she is willing to buy (literally, the video goes for $35) the claim that German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke prayed Daniel Ekechukwu back to life after Daniel was dead for three days. Ms. Seabaugh should note that (1) Bonnke has claimed thousands of "miracles" in several African nations; (2) independent investigations went to great lengths to track and follow up on individuals who claimed Bonnke miracles, and not a single claim could be verified; (3) Nigeria literally overflows with similar stories, young pastors regularly even claiming to be Jesus; (4) the supposedly documented account of this resurrection is really several conflicting accounts (the injured pastor, says one account, was taken to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries; another states that the man insisted on being taken to his personal physician, even though that meant a drive of some 90 minutes -- a long haul for one supposedly near death), and only one account has the corpse injected with, as Seabaugh reports, "a chemical injection to slow down mortification," a miracle in itself since a corpse has no circulation to move such an injection into the tissues, and so on; (5) it's awfully convenient that video was ready to record such "sacred" happenings; and (6) videos, easily staged or doctored or both, are weak evidence for extraordinary claims; extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof. "The foolishness of faith" indeed!

Selling farmland

I HEARD a farmer complaining about city people who drive the price of farmland up. He gets a big kick every time he hears about someone paying a high price for farmland. If he thinks it's too much, he should try selling land at a fair price. No, I didn't think he would do that.

Students who drink

IT SEEMS like every day there is another Southeast Missouri State University student in the police report for a DUI arrest. If there was some form of public transportation, maybe we wouldn't have such a major problem in this town. The university or the city needs to do something to stop the drinking and driving that goes on by college students.

Squealing pigs

REGARDING THE people complaining about the great job Gov. Matt Blunt has done cutting the fat and waste from the Medicaid program: All pigs squeal when they're pushed away from the trough.

More recycling

THIS IS in regards to the "Recycle the trash" comment. I agree. Even with all of the holiday activities and gift buying and extra trash that we had, we still only had a small amount of trash because we recycled all of our boxes that we collapsed and wrapping paper and lot of those different things that can all be recycled if people take the time to do that. Every week we have more curbside recycling than trash, and I'm thankful for the great job Cape Girardeau does with the recycling program. I wish more people would take advantage of this benefit and maybe save our environment for future generations.

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