Speak Out 1/18/06

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Miracle workers

THE COMMENT that teachers aren't miracle workers is incorrect. I've seen many of them. They literally work miracles with kids, taking the hopelessly lost and turning their lives around. In addition, teachers have stirred long-dormant academic interests in student after student. Many of these miracle workers are selflessly laboring away right here in this area. They ask and expect nothing for the many lives they have figuratively if not literally saved, and they blame no one for shortcomings a child may have.

Neighborhood drugs

I LIVE on West End Boulevard and see drug activity every day. I see our law enforcement in the area daily. But why aren't the officers doing something about all the drug sales in my neighborhood? What is wrong with this picture?

Support for teachers

THERE ARE always going to be those who bash someone else so they appear more important than they are. Take heart, teachers, as you have much more support and sympathy with you than those who bash you.

Nuclear superiority

THE U.S. has achieved first-strike capability. We could wipe out Russia and China with nukes and suffer no damage or loss of life as a result. However, even if our unchallenged superiority was not purposefully sought after and if our intention is to never use our awesome nuclear arsenal in an inappropriate manner, the very fact that we have achieved this status is making and will continue to make the world less safe and secure. It makes me yearn for the days of mutually assured destruction.

House decorations

I DRIVE on West End Boulevard every day. There is a certain home whose decorations are always spectacular. I have seen people stop to take pictures. Some even take pictures of their children and grandchildren in front of the decorations. Keep up the beauty of these holiday decorations.

Prom attire

MY DATE is going to the Jackson High School prom as a Dutch girl. Her grandmother is sending her a pair of wooden shoes and a dress from Holland, I don't know if I will go in native dress or not, I am afraid school leaders have opened up a can of worms and will regret a decision that was made with no forethought whatever.

Hard workers

I APPRECIATE farmers just as much as I do garbage collectors. We are all spokes in the wheel of life. However, garbage men can't use their truck for personal reasons. Farmers have land, tractors, trucks, tax breaks and grants. I am not disrespecting farmers, but I don't owe them any more respect than the next hard worker. I will trade places right now with any farmer in Cape Girardeau County.

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