Scottish rights

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jackson High School student Nathan Warmack probably got more attention than he bargained for after principal Rick McClard ordered him to leave a school dance for wearing a kilt. Scottish rights supporters from all over the world signed an Internet petition protesting the principal's decision and standing up for the right to wear Scottish regalia.

A North Carolina lawyer representing the Warmack family wore a kilt to a school board meeting last week. At the meeting, the board said the principal was wrong to ban Warmack from the dance and that he had been "humiliated" by the action.

The district's attorney said the kilt didn't violate the school's dress code, which bans clothing deemed "disruptive."

The wearing of kilts appears to be one of those topics that get people riled up. Now that the Jackson schools have settled the kilt issue they can get back to being a very good school system.

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