Speak Out 1/16/06

Monday, January 16, 2006

Atrium questions

REGARDING THE Jackson High School expansion: It's incomprehensible to me that a district that fails to pass a bond issue multiple times would, after finally passing a much-reduced bond issue, allow a construction plan that incorporates such a large expenditure for a domed atrium at the front entrance. Atriums, largely constructed of glass, are expensive to build, expensive to maintain and diminish safety in regard to tornadoes and earthquakes. Would someone please explain this to me? How much does this waste of money and space cost? How much does it cost to add a few more computers, books, classrooms, a teacher, even a drug-sniffing dog or security officer? Come on, use your brains.

Don't cast stones

I WATCHED about 20 minutes of the TV show "The Book of Daniel." I found the show boring. But it made me think. How many of us and our families are living in sin behind closed doors? It's something to think about before we go bashing that family. As Christians we need to stop judging, stop casting stones and stop being hypocrites.

Good justices

DAVID LIMBAUGH is correct. Neither Alito nor Roberts are wild-eyed conservative ideologues. They are moderate representatives of mainstream America and will interpret the Constitution in a commonsense manner. Extremist opposition from the far right and left deems they will be good U.S. Supreme Court justices.

Time for honoring

IF THE purpose of holding events is to honor Martin Luther King's legacy, not placing any importance upon location in which these events take place, why is anyone complaining about where Cape Girardeau's celebrations will be held?

County development

KUDOS area real-estate brokers and developers. You have achieved what everyone least expected. Cape Girardeau County farmland is among the most expensive within the state, thanks to those who buy local farmland cheap and develop it into miles of roadside homes of cheap quality that are less visually appealing. What is the result? Handsome returns on paltry investments, while the residents of the county are forced to pay higher property taxes without receiving additional benefits. Property taxes are doubling every 10 years. It is time for a tax rollback. I'm tired of our county roads being clogged with the suburban types seeking the country life on their half-acre farmettes.

Is this a joke?

THE CHILLED beer thing was a joke, right? No legislator would actually try to pass something dreamed up by a 10-year-old. How stupid does one need to be to think that people will automatically stop drinking because the beer is warm?

The kilt kit and caboodle

I NOTICED on the news that Nathan Warmack's kilt was nothing but the kilt. He wore a shirt with a tie instead of the proper shirt and vest that goes with the kilt. He wore regular shoes and socks instead of the right socks that go with the kilt. Is he just trying to be silly? If he researched it, why didn't he have all of the outfit instead of just the kilt?

Lazy tree disposal

OUR BACKYARD is not a dumping ground for Christmas trees. The recycling center is approximately 200 feet from our backyard. Can we spell lazy?

Movie theaters are safe

I DON'T think movie theaters will ever be passe, because people like to get out. We like to go to malls to shop, see people and be seen. Movie theaters are part of that experience. At a theater, for the most part, people are supposed to be quiet, and you can enjoy the movie on a big screen that you might not want in your home.

Good reading

IF YOU have not done so, please read "Ruby's Ramblings" in the most recent edition of The Best Years. It speaks volumes.

Administrative power

BEING A retired educator, I find it disheartening that an apology was given to Nathan Warmack for wearing a kilt to a Jackson school dance. School administrators are hired to make decisions. The kilt created a substantial disruption, and Warmack was asked to change. He refused and was "humiliated." Jackson is not Scotland. Perhaps all African-American women should wear the non-attire of their African heritage. According to the Warmack case, it would be within their constitutional rights. Jackson is not Africa. I have the deepest respect for administrators who must deal with petty issues which consume their work day. Once again, a student has proven he is more powerful. I dare anyone to pen an appropriate dress code which satisfies both administration and student body. Some day, perhaps power will once again return to public school administrators and their faculty.

Support Millersville PO

THIS MESSAGE is in regard to supporting the Millersville Post Office. As a member of the Millersville community, I want to remind everyone that we lost our post office once before, and we definitely don't want that to happen again. So we need to support our post office by purchasing our stamps and postal supplies from our carrier or the post office here in Millersville.

Court money

I WENT to the courthouse today to see what goes on in a courtroom. I have a scanner and I hear about crimes. I decided to go to the courthouse to see what happens to these people I hear about on the scanner. The people faced shoplifting charges. The victims didn't get anything, but the court system collected several hundred dollars. If there wasn't money involved in all this, would we have police protection? It doesn't make sense. The victims get nothing, but the system collects.

Thanks for floor hockey

THANKS TO Red Star Baptist Church for the free floor hockey on Tuesday evenings. The participants really have fun and look forward to it every week.

Great mail carrier

I'M SURE there are many good postal carriers, but this one on Sherwood Drive goes beyond the call of duty. Your acts of kindness are really appreciated.

Politicking in church

I WAS reading an article in another paper about tax exemptions being taken away from a church in another state because it allowed politicking in the church. In Cape Girardeau there are churches that are heavily involved in politicking. Shouldn't they have their tax-exempt status taken away? I thought the law would apply to each state.

Sharing information

I DO not believe that showing the miners' last notes on TV was tasteless. I guess everyone has his opinion about good and bad taste. I thought showing the notes was enlightening. I was happy to hear that the miners didn't feel they were in any real pain. If the families wish to share the notes, that's their decision. And if they're willing to share, I'm willing to listen.

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