Out of the past 1/13/06

Friday, January 13, 2006

25 years ago: Jan. 13, 1981

The Mississippi River, where record low water levels were recorded after four rainless months, is blocked to traffic in Memphis, Tenn., as the Army Corps of Engineers dredges the channel so a growing fleet of idled towboats can get back to work; shipping is also blocked about 150 miles to the north on the Ohio River at Mound City, Ill.

Absenteeism is running high in the Jackson School District as a result of an apparent flu epidemic; approximately 450, or 16.5 percent, of the district's more than 2,700 schoolchildren are reported absent from school because of illness; hardest hit is the Junior High School, where 180 pupils are out with the flu.

50 years ago: Jan. 13, 1956

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. -- Establishment of a state park on Wappapello Lake for the Bootheel area appears almost assured after a mass meeting of civic and political leaders; James Featherston of Poplar Bluff, one of the leaders in the drive for the park, says it would be known as the John H. Wolpers State Park in honor of the founder of the Daily American Republic newspaper.

The Ueleke Hardware Co., 501 Broadway, announces it is moving to a new location at 118 N. Main St.; Norman Ueleke, store owner, says the new location will give his firm more room.

75 years ago: Jan. 13, 1931

In its biennial report to be forwarded to the Missouri Legislature this week, the Teachers College in Cape Girardeau will ask for an appropriation of $710,500 for its support during the next two-year period; the amount asked is $53,500 larger than sought two years ago.

A committee of local residents is soliciting contributions for an emergency relief fund; the money raised will be used wholly in Cape Girardeau in providing relief -- food, clothing and fuel -- to those who live here and who may be in need.

100 years ago: Jan. 13, 1906

The committee appointed by the Cape Girardeau Commercial Club met yesterday with the county court and urged that body to use Cape Girardeau marble for the construction of the big courthouse in Jackson; the committee reports the judges were receptive to their arguments.

T.H. Chitwood, the efficient stenographer in the Wilson Bros. Realty Co.'s office, has rented the house at 329 N. Lorimier St.; his sister, Ula McKinney, arrived from Muskogee, Indian Territory, yesterday to preside over it for him.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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