Speak Out 1/13/06

Friday, January 13, 2006

Support in Oran

I WOULD like to commend Chief Tragesser and Officer Childers of the Oran Police Department for their excellent work. These two individuals are cleaning up the streets of Oran with hard work. I believe the majority of the citizens here are seeing a difference in a positive way. There seems to be less underage drinking, DWIs and peace disturbances. Everyone is treated the same. Good job, and keep up the work, guys.

Destroying traditions

WHEN THE Jackson School District caved in and allowed the wearing of kilts to a school dance, it opened the door for the destruction of all such events at that school. If kilts must be allowed, then why not turbans, American Indian headdress, suits of armor or, out of respect for primitive tribes in the Pacific, no clothes at all? This embarrassing debacle was a publicity stunt, and the school district has allowed one family to destroy a fine tradition. What is wrong with respecting American traditions?

Not enough gore

I CAN answer the question about why "Brokeback Mountain" isn't playing in Cape Girardeau. It wouldn't sell enough tickets to make it profitable. It's a shame, because it's a beautiful, thought-provoking story. Maybe if there were more cursing, female nudity or graphic murder scenes, it would come to Cape.

Suits the mascot

MANY OF the comments opposed to the Jackson kilt-wearing student use an example of American Indian dress to illustrate a point. I would like to remind these naysayers that the Jackson school mascot is an Indian. Ergo, American Indiandress is appropriate in Jackson.

Path of blasphemy

ON THE new "Book of Daniel" TV show, the advertisements appear sacrilegious to me. Then you have rappers who sing some filthy song and then thank God. That's almost blasphemous. I don't know what God feels. I'm not God. But these natural disasters are not coming without reason. I don't know how happy God is, but some people are trying to tell us.

Truly blessed

I WAS raised by a woman who stood a mere 5 foot-nothing but loomed large in my life because of the life lessons she taught me and my three older siblings. She was so good, we didn't know we were poor. She taught us not to beg and to suffer in silence and work hard. I was truly blessed.

Feeding young minds

What difference does it make where students eat as long as their stomachs are filled? That gives them a better opportunity to learn. Let them enjoy their food wherever it is. It doesn't matter whether it's the cafeteria or a classroom. They can clean up their own mess. That's what they should be learning: to take care of themselves.

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