Letter to the Editor

Hollywood fever strikes the Missourian

Friday, January 13, 2006

To the editor:

The front page of Tuesday's Missourian shamelessly submitted to Hollywood fever while its Opinion page remained ever faithful to the far right. The paper chose to glorify and idolize the C-rate actor Johnny Knoxville (whose rise to fame on MTV featured a stunt in which he was locked inside a portable toilet which was then tipped over by a crane, allowing the contents of the toilet to be spilled on him) while at the same time featuring Cape Girardeau's second most popular neo-con, David Limbaugh.

Even our own prosecutor, Morley Swingle, was stricken. I wonder if Mr. Swingle would've prosecuted if the 13-year-old boy who, in the hopes of recreating a stunt performed by Mr. Knoxville known as "Human Steak," covered himself with gasoline and lit himself on fire lived in Cape Girardeau County.

It's nice to see the Missourian's political and moral ideology will change every time a movie studio wants to throw some money around. I m not a fan of David Limbaugh either, but at least we'll never see Hillary Clinton co-authoring his column.

BRIAN GABLE, Cape Girardeau