Letter to the Editor

Is Jackson ready for turbans, saris?

Friday, January 13, 2006

To the editor;

I was certainly ecstatic to see the Jackson School District administration and board forced to focus on an important issue like a near-adult man wearing a skirt to a dance. Seeing the superintendent withdraw support for his administrators, all to avoid a frivolous lawsuit, should certainly bolster employee morale. Thank goodness Jackson School District attention was shifted from silly issues like large capital-improvement projects, over-budget energy costs and the unexpected addition of Katrina victims to school rosters.

Since it is certainly obvious that administrators lack the aptitude to judge "clothes that create a substantial disruption," they should not be put in such precarious situations. Who knows if they will be able to handle turbans, hula skirts, yarmulkes, saris, loincloths or even redneck bib overalls at the next dance? Therefore, I recommend that Jackson's senior prom be canceled to prevent possible legal threats to the district from others.