Speak Out 1/11/06

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Chilled beer

HAVE YOU heard what Republican state Sen. Bill Alter of High Ridge has proposed? Alter has introduced a bill that would limit the sale of beer colder than 60 degrees. A fifth-grader came up with this idea to combat drunken driving offenses here in Missouri. I have a suggestion regarding Senate Bill 763. If you restrict the sale of intoxicating liquor to those refrigerated above 60 degrees I believe you are creating a loophole. Distributors can merely turn their thermostats up to 61 degrees. I propose we do away with refrigerated alcohol in Missouri. Let the consumer take their beverages home and chill them. I can't buy a case of a Coke or Pepsi product chilled, so I don't see how what I am proposing would create any hardship. Good luck with your bill, Senator Alter, and I hope you would consider this amendment so we may put some real teeth to your proposal.

Thanks for substation

I THINK it's a wonderful idea to have a post office station inside the Bi-State Oil Co. convenience store on North Kingshighway. It's great to see this substation on this side of town. The extended hours are wonderful, especially on Saturday and Sunday, and it's a great way to work around a person's busy schedule. Way to go, Cape Girardeau. Thanks.

No detours, please

I CANNOT believe Bloomfield Road will be closed for construction and people will have to travel considerably longer and farther to get anywhere. I would rather not have anything done if it is going to be so inconvenient. Besides having to go out of the way, it will take much more gasoline using the detours. I hope someone doesn't have to have an ambulance or need a fire truck to put out a house fire. How do other residents feel about this?

Lacking participation

LET'S EXAMINE the facts of a teacher's life. If your students go to lunch, art, music, P.E., computer lab and library, that gives teachers at least one free period a day, plus they eat their lunch. My grade-school child gets to school by 8 a.m., but the principal isn't usually there. I've volunteered my time a lot at school, but seldom do I see a teacher at any of the PTA meetings. Teachers were nonexistent when preparing for chili day. Now you know why I don't volunteer anymore. I didn't even get thanked.

Water Street issues

When I drive along Water Street, I want to see the Mississippi River. I'm not looking at the murals, and I don't care diddly squat what order they're in. If I wanted to see the murals in order, I would walk. You have to walk at state parks. Things were working out fine before someone got the idea to change Water Street. I wish it was the way it used to be.

Tasteless coverage

WHERE DO we draw the line with the news media? I think the explosion and death of several miners was a heartbreaking tragedy. Showing notes written while dying should be left only between the miners and their loved ones. Showing them on TV is completely tasteless.

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