Letter to the Editor

Blunt follows up on higher education

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

To the editor:

Thanks to Gov. Matt Blunt, we are turning the corner on a brighter day for Missouri's colleges and universities. Last year, even though welfare and other social programs were cut back because of a tight budget, Blunt maintained the same amount of spending for higher education. Now, he is asking for $17.1 million in additional funds, which would reap tremendous benefits such as smaller tuition increases, more resources for departmental programs and better outlooks for student organizations.

A strong educational system ensures a better quality of life for all Missourians. Businesses locate in communities with good schools and in states that are committed to higher education. In turn, higher education creates the professional, qualified work force needed by business. The health of our state's economy is built upon this solid educational foundation.

Governor Blunt campaigned on a platform that promised to make higher education a top priority. As a man of his word, he has followed through on this promise. My hope is that the legislature recognizes the value of higher education as a key component of economic development and will support Governor Blunt in his effort to move Missouri forward.

KATHY SWAN, Cape Girardeau