Speak Out 1/8/06

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Losing issue

If Michael Maguire and the Democrats are going to hang their hat on privacy issues over national security, they're choosing a losing issue.

Growing corn

THANK YOU for your report for the corn milling plant that's going to be built at the SEMO Port. But corn growers need more information. Are they going to want food-grade corn? Do they have a list of approved varieties that they would like grown?

No one pulling the reins

EXECUTIVE POWERS are running wild, and the Republican-controlled Congress lacks the courage to say "Whoa!"

Less is better

THE FACT that many Academy Award nominees for best movie spend little or no time in Cape Girardeau speaks volumes for our community's superiority and refusal to cave in to low-brow culture.

Eating in classrooms

I WOULD like to thank Central Middle School in Cape Girardeau for implementing the morning breakfast program. However, I don't understand how it is possible for students to eat in their classrooms when last year it was a disciplinary offense to take any lunch food item out of the school cafeteria. Why isn't the cafeteria housing the program? When my child was in elementary school, breakfast was served in the cafeteria, and the janitors were in charge of cleaning up spills. Is it smart to feed students in classrooms?

Comparing costs

I THANK the teacher who called about being the hope for a child. Thank you. Your attitude about choosing your career and liking it is also appreciated. But may I suggest that in providing context you not cite health-insurance costs as being a unique burden of your profession? Most of us pay significant monthly premiums for our health insurance. Teachers are not unique in this regard. Your point about necessary graduate courses and their costs are legitimate, however.

Early campaign

OUT OF all the social problems in Missouri, I'm glad to see U.S. Sen. Jim Talent tackling them by coming up with a bill to keep the Supreme Court from hearing a case about the Pledge of Allegiance -- knowing full well that he can't keep a law from being reviewed by judicial standards if a citizen challenges it. It sounds like Talent is gearing up for the next election with a lot of talk a bit early.

Proud supporter

I AM getting tired of people complaining about Central Middle School. It seems whatever the teachers, principals or administrators do is never good enough for certain members of our community. These people must have nothing better to do than pick out petty things to complain about. I am a proud supporter of the school's efforts and pleased with the education my child is getting. Some people will not accept responsibility for the faults of their own parenting.

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