Speak Out 1/10/06

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Complete authenticity

I SEE that Nathan Warmack will be allowed to wear a kilt to school functions. I'm curious. Will it be a real kilt or just a plaid skirt? Will he be wearing a sporran with it, or a Prince Charlie jacket? Perhaps the green tweed jacket instead would be nice. Has he researched his clan tartan, or is he just a silly get trying to look a bit prissy? I'm certain they'll not allow him to bring the Sgian Dubh with it. Will those of Native American descent be allowed to wear loin cloths and leggings?

Debiting the tip

AFTER PAYING with a debit card, it is necessary to check your bank account balance to make sure the right amount has been deducted. I had my nails done this weekend and authorized a payment through my debit card. When I checked my bank account, I learned the business had added a 20 percent tip without my consent. Buyers beware.

Where food starts

IN RESPONSE to the story "Fuel costs squeeze area farm budgets": Your comments were good, but I wonder how many people realize where their food starts from. Have you ever tried asking on a survey where people think their food came from? Have you asked the public what a farmer is? Try that and see what information you come up with. In the 1970s a lot of people thought the local grocery store made and sold food. That was amazing thinking even at that time. Don't believe me? Just try it a time or two this winter and see what results you get.

Limiting lawsuits

CONGRESS HAS the authority to limit the jurisdiction of federal courts (including the Supreme Court) to hear cases.

Middle school questioned

THERE IS a budding consensus among educators that the benefits of middle school are outweighed by the negative aspects of segregating middle-school students from all others. Indeed, some states and school districts have already begun eliminating middle schools because they believe that, on balance, they are lacking and even counterproductive in achieving their lofty goals. A realistic proposal might be that all area middle schools be eliminated in 5 to 7 years.

Making roads wider

I WISH the county road grader that goes down our road would keep out of the ditches. Every time the grader makes a pass on our road, it eats into our front yard. I think this is a county plan to make the roads wider without telling the property owners. Drive down the roads, and you will see what I am talking about.

Fly into our hearts

KEEP FLYING into our hearts every Thursday, Sam Blackwell. Congratulations on your award.

Approval is available

I HAVE read every article I can find defending our president's unauthorized spying on Americans, but no one has answered my question. The president has the right to order immediate wiretaps as long as he goes to the special, secret court for approval. Why has he not done that?

Paying dues

A COMMENT noted we are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Without medical care, all three of those things are out of some peoples' reach. I am in need of help. I'm not sure what sacrifices I should have made. I raised four children, with the youngest being 3 years old when their father died. I worked hard at low-paying jobs yet managed to take enough college courses to better our situation. Now I am disabled. Have I paid my dues enough to qualify for some health benefits?

No more theaters

THE ARGUMENT about decorum in movie theaters will soon be passe. With the lagtime between movie and DVD releases growing ever shorter and the quality of DVD picture improving dramatically, movie theaters will soon be extinct.

Bad image

IF CAIRO, Ill., council members do not want to attend council meetings, they should resign and let someone take their seats. What these council members are doing is adding to the bad image that many of us have regarding Cairo. Driving through Cairo tells quite a story about what has happened to it over the decades.

Shameful plan

THE NIGHTMARE which most of us thought the Medicare Part D prescription plan would be has been confirmed. For what this plan is costing seniors as well as taxpayers, it should have been as simple as offering Medicare participants a percentage off on all their prescriptions, no matter what their income or drug needs. Between lobbyists and politicians, what might have been a great help to seniors has become one more governmental feel-good program that's created problems for insurance companies, pharmacies and seniors. Isn't that a shame?

Wasting fuel money

A SEGMENT on the news was about people having trouble paying their utility bill. The opening shot was of a thermostat set at 74. No wonder it is hard to pay that utility bill. I keep my thermostat at 68, and others I have talked to include a range of 65 to 70. These people have smartly turned down their heat and added clothing. It seems the government is not the only ones spending tax money frivolously. People getting our tax money from the government are doing the same thing.

Running red lights

IT WOULD be nice to be able to go through a stoplight and not have to worry about being hit. Right now you have to wait until one or two cars run the red light. Maybe the police should put some cars at a few select stoplights. People don't even worry about running red lights anymore, because it seems as though there is no punishment for doing so.

Short memories

WHO ARE the mental giants behind the fiasco of changing which way the streets go downtown? Does anyone remember when Broadway was one way from Sprigg Street to the river? What a mess that was. It seems we have folks in charge of making these street decisions who either don't remember the way things were just a few years ago.

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