Fan Speak Jan8

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Assisting on success

ANY CHANCE of bringing back Kevin Emerick to coach the Southeast Missouri State women's basketball team? They sure were doing better when he was on board.

Thanks for the memories

THANKS TO the Southeast Missourian and all the sponsors for a great Christmas basketball tourniment. Congratulations to coach Paul Hale and the Notre Dame Bulldogs for their championship victory. Their quick, smart play was exciting to watch. The sportsmanship seen by all the teams was very encouraging. This year's tourney has made many great memories for the players their fans and families.

Class act

CONGRATULATIONS TO the Jackson Indians for playing in the championship game of the Southeast Missourian Christmas Tournament. They were a class act in every way.

Priority on winning

THE MILLIONS of dollars spent on the Southeast Missouri State River Campus could have been better spent on the Southeast athletic program. Face it, most Division I athletic programs around the country see their teams as opportunities to make money. The continued disappointments by the football and, especially, the basketball teams at Southeast are costing the school and the community lost revenue. What would have been wrong with building a new football stadium and facilities that could attract both fans, students and -- more importantly -- athletes to the campus? It's not just getting more fans to the game. A large number of students look for colleges to attend that offer events like big-time basketball or football games. Southeast is hard-pressed to get 200 students to attend a basketball game. It is time to give the community and the student body something to be proud of: a winning athletic program. The thought of having a big-time cultural center like the River Campus and not having a big-time team to watch sickens me.

Missing coverage

WHY IS it that the sports section in the Southeast Missouri is inconsistent with its reporting on events. For example, had a preview for the Tiger Classic wrestling tournament but has never done a follow up story with the results. This happens often.

(As in the case of the Tiger Classic, not all of the items in the print edition reach the online edition for a variety of reasons.)

Thanks for soccer

Thank you to the coaches, sponsors and organizers of the indoor soccer league in Cape Girardeau. Since we moved here four years ago, this is most definitely one of the many things we love about Cape. It is truly a blast to watch our kids play, and it's obvious that all the spectators are enjoying it as much as the players. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be to offer it in the summer also.


WHILE WATCHING the halftime show of the Rose Bowl game, my entire family was shocked to see the USC band do a crotch-grabbing move during the dance portion of their performance. Even my teenagers thought this was a bit ridiculous.

(And how about that throat-clutching maneuver by USC's defense in the final quarter?)

Talent gap

TO ILLUSTRATE the absurdity of Marty Mishow's opinion that past Southeast Division II teams would be competitive in the Ohio Valley Conference, think about this: Since entering Division I, I can think of a dozen Southeast players that have gone on to play professional basketball in some form. I can only think of one from the Division II years. Also, since moving up, almost 20 players from visiting teams have played here that went on to the NBA. Only one, Scottie Pippen, comes to mind from the Division II years. The difference in talent level between the two divisions is so vast I am amazed that even Mishow would make such a statement.

Not a sport

COULD SOMEONE explain why the Harlem Globetrotters are on the front page of the sports section? Although great family entertainment, they are no more engaged in a real sport than professional wrestlers.

(Professional wrestling isn't a real sport? We thought the New York Nationals were due.)

Still judging Smith

TO THE people urging Southeast to renew B.J. Smith's coaching contract, you may be premature. It seems Southeast is appropriately waiting until the end of his current contract to evaluate his overall performance. While he has certainly done a good job, this year's team is not spectacular and there are no championships to his credit as of yet.

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