Speak Out 1/3/06

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Spying is OK

IT IS not illegal for President Bush to OK domestic spying, so he cannot be impeached because of it. Jimmy Carter created the law allowing our president to OK domestic and foreign spying. Bill Clinton was the first president to OK domestic spying, and we were not at war during that time. If you knew the real reason our government was spying on each individual, you would probably be scared to death. If our president thinks it is important to keep me safe by spying on a foreigner in our country I am OK with that. He is not spying for business secrets or to hear you talk about what you got for Christmas.

No sidewalks

DON'T MAKE me pay for a sidewalk. The cost of building a house is already getting out of hand with all the other requirements of our city government. Please do not tack on another extra cost. Some may think a sidewalk looks nice and provides a safe place for people to walk, but they are ugly when in a front yard. Over time the individual sections rise and drop causing people to trip. If someone trips on this sidewalk in my yard, will I be liable? Who will pay for the upkeep on this sidewalk? I see this as something else government is forcing on people. It is easy for people who are the head of a bank to pay for this, but not for middle- and lower-class incomes.

Welcome relief

IF YOU don't like Don Greenwood's cartoons, maybe it's because they hit just a little too close to the mark. Congratulations to the Southeast Missourian for carrying these. They make a welcome relief from the usual right-wing lunatic garbage on the Opinion pages.

Tremendous column

I enjoyed tremendously the column by John Rust over the holidays. I wish more Christians would speak out. Thank you.

Driving responsibility

I DON'T agree with state Sen. Jason Crowell's position on stoplight surveillance. If I let someone use my car, I am responsible for his actions. Perhaps a compromise would be in order, like putting the cameras at four-way stops. Surely that would have modified the behavior of the driver of the car that sped through two four-way stops on Bloomfield Road the Tuesday after Christmas.

Postal appreciation

I JUST want to say thank you to the postman who delivers to Curry Lane. On Dec. 23 he helped us rescue a letter. We really appreciate the fact that not only did he go above and beyond the call of duty, but he did it with a smile. His service is always appreciated.

Extra trash

THE JACKSON trash collectors have always picked up extra trash the week after Christmas. All of a sudden this year the rules change. If you have more than three bags, they're not picking it up. That is wrong after years. A lot of people are unhappy.

Sidewalk issues

REGARDING THE sidewalk issue: It just shows that Cape Girardeau's leaders are so out of touch. They are asking home builders and developers to put sidewalks in new subdivisions before the homes are constructed. The sidewalks will be destroyed, and the homeowners are going to end up having to pay for the sidewalk twice. We currently have a sidewalk ordinance on the books. Why doesn't the city enforce the ordinance it already has? The city has had a sidewalk ordinance since 1998 that requires developers and home builders to install sidewalks.

Teaching a lesson

I HAVE a 5-year-old girl. On Christmas Eve she stole a pack of gum from Wal-Mart in Jackson. I took her back and made her pay for the gum. I also asked for somebody to talk to her about how important it is to not take things that are not yours when you haven't paid for them. I want to thank the people at Wal-Mart for taking the time to help me teach my daughter how important it is to not steal.

Differing consultants

THE ONE-WAY Main Street in Cape Girardeau was put in after we had a traffic engineer out of St. Louis who recommended one-way traffic to eliminate all angle parking in town. You did get a different picture from different consultants on this issue.

Deteriorating Broadway

AS I walked down Broadway the other day, I noticed all the rundown buildings and closed shops. I wonder what happened to the exciting Broadway I knew as a child. The theaters, restaurants and shops seem to have disappeared. Graffiti-filled windows and doors are all that remain. The only business that has remained unchanged is Shivelbine's. I wonder if we are not headed toward a dismal existence similar to that of Cairo, Ill. There has to be something we can do to bring life back to our beloved Cape Girardeau instead of desolation and vandalism.

Disgruntled interview

LET'S INTERVIEW a disgruntled citizen:

Me: Why are you disguntled?

Citizen: The mayor refuses to acknowledge me.

Me: Why?

Citizen: Because of my color.

Me: How do you know that?

Citizen: He refuses to appoint me to a board.

Me: Which one?

Citizen: I don't care which one.

Me: When did you apply?

Citizen: Apply?

Me: Did you send a resume?

Citizen: A resume?

Me: Have you called the mayor about one?

Citizen: Why should I have to call him? He should know who I am and that I want to be on one.

Me: So if I get this right, the mayor should appoint you even though you haven't made an effort to apply to be on a board.

Citizen: Why should I have to do it all? They should call me.

Me: Now, good people of Cape Girardeau, you have heard it directly from the citizen's mouth. There is nothing left to say.

End the silly debate

I CANNOT believe Cape Girardeau's "which way do we run our downtown's streets" debate continues. As many callers noted a long time ago, Water Street should be one-way northbound, and Main Street should remain unchanged. Now that the city has noticed its error, it is trying to correct the mistake with another one. Please, mayor and city officials, make Water Street one-way northbound. Let's end this silly debate.

Talking during movies

PEOPLE TALK in movie theaters because it's a good place to socialize, particularly for young people. Others discuss the movie and offer running critiques. The reasons why people talk at movies are endless. Those who don't talk during movies are in a disappearing minority.

Right side of history

THE SPREAD of democracy over time is inevitable. The 20th century loss of faith in the idea of progress was a result of two horrible world wars. However, we're back on track. There will be setbacks, and it won't happen overnight, but that is the unmistakable historical trend. The U.S. is on the right side of history and is correct in overtly and covertly supporting budding democratic movements around the world.

Help when needed

I TOO work hard for a living and am able to provide for my family's needs. I work with quite a few hard workers trying to stave off any government help. But there are those that work and still need the help the government offers. I feel they have every right to use the help.

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