Speak Out 12/24/05

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Reaching out

AS A member of the Jaycees and an active organizer in the annual Toybox drive, I extend my heartfelt thanks to all who donated toys and money to make this year's project a success. Without the support of this community, we could not reach out to the hundreds of children at Christmas time. Thank you for being a part of making a difference to so many who are in need. Merry Christmas to you and your families.

City is colorblind

THE MAYOR is right. Appointments to city advisory boards are completely colorblind. When I was appointed, the city did not know my gender or race, only my qualifications -- and that I took the initiative to apply for a seat.

Not my father

IN REFERENCE to the comment that government is our father and should make our choices for us in regard to how we use the money we've earned, I beg to differ. I make choices that are appropriate for me. The government doesn't know my needs. We ought to have the choice to make our own decisions.

Make an application

OPEN POSITIONS for city boards are constantly advertised. If minority residents feel they need to be represented, the only thing they need to do is apply.

Investigate first

BEFORE SAYING the sign left in Shawnee Park indicates one thing or another, the police should do an investigation. Whether the sign was put up in support of a group or whether it was put up to simply get attention and notoriety is unknown. Recent history tells us there are all sorts of people who put up such signs or make certain claims, but it is not what it seems. So be careful before you say the sign meant one thing or another.

Taking risks

THE GOVERNMENT is not my father. I am not a child. I was raised in a home with a father, and I became an adult capable of making my own decisions. Others may need someone else to make choices for them, but I don't. Many of us would prefer that the government get its hands out of our pockets and let us take the risks that we have always taken.

Positive, not negative

THE PRESIDENT'S approval rating is nearing 50 percent. Support for the Bush administration's handling of the Iraq war is over 65 percent. The economy is booming. New home sales are going through the roof. And all Democrats can do is attack the administration for so-called domestic spying even though FDR, Carter and Clinton did the same thing. Merry Christmas to the Right. Happy holidays to the Left.

Portable problem

ONE OF the things that should not be allowed on school property or buses is a portable DVD player. Some kids may be watching something I don't want my kids to see. Parents who would allow this are not good parents.

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