Letter to the Editor

Cape Girardeau has many minorities

Saturday, December 24, 2005

To the editor:

Today I read in the newspaper about minority folks serving on the city boards. But the only minority people mentioned were blacks and women. "By comparison, 2 percent of the city's boards and commissions consist of black residents and 18 percent of the seats are held by women." With delight I read Nancy Jernigan saying that she "would also like to recruit a Hispanic resident to serve on the board in recognition of the small but growing Hispanic population in the community." I would add that there are three Hispanic churches in town.

Yet this is not enough. Within our city live folks who are oriental (Korea, China and Japan), who are from Southeast Asia and India and who are Native American. There are folks from the Middle East and Eskimos too. Therefore, when the issue of minority representation serving on the city boards comes up, it seems logical that attention would be given to the fullness of our population. My hope is that when the newspaper speaks again on this issue, all the minorities of Cape Girardeau would see the paper acknowledging their presence and value.

The Rev. PAUL KABO Jr., First Presbyterian Church, Cape Girardeau