Letter to the Editor

Schools need balanced coverage

Saturday, December 24, 2005

To the editor:

I was disappointed that a reporter from the newspaper could not be present to report the Holiday Store event held at Jefferson Elementary School even though you received a number of invitations to do so. This is a fine event that brings together parents, teachers, staff, volunteers and students in a process of developing good character and in recognizing the practice of good character.

I did note with interest that when a difficult occurrence happened at the school it received front-page coverage. I did note that Blanchard Elementary School received good coverage for its Holiday Store.

This is not a good balance in the coverage of our schools. It leaves the impression that one school does nice things, while the other is fraught with problems. I would appreciate better balance in the coverage of our schools.

Thanks goodness for KFVS12, which came on its own initiative to give the event coverage and aired it the same day. Thank you, KFVS.

THOMAS N. BASS, Cape Girardeau