Speak Out 12/13/05

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Can't fool Nature

AS I read Foxnews.com, I begin to realize something. Just when you think the federal government can't stick its hands in any deeper, it rekindles an old idea that it can control the weather by altering storms and such via missiles and lasers. Your federal government is spending millions of tax dollars based on the theory that it can save the world by finding a way to shoot storms and such right out of the sky. I hope we are all ready for Armageddon, because the end is coming near. Remember the age-old saying that "you can't fool old Mother Nature."

Finally listening

AFTER RUNNING this war off into the ditch for the last three years, I'm glad President Bush is finally listening to Democrats and anti-war Republicans and announcing plans to bring the troops home.

Bad practices

SHAME ON our government for many things, but in particular for cutting Social Security checks for any reason. If the government would let something like a student loan ride for 10-plus years, shame on it for that too. And shame on the government for cutting Social Security checks to recover back taxes in relatively small amounts while allowing more wealthy taxpayers to settle their tax bills for a small percentage of what is owed.

Student discrimination

HOW CAN a kilt be such a controversial item? President Reagan was laid to rest while a man wearing a kilt played the bagpipes. How can a kilt be so inappropriate? What no one has addressed is whether a student's civil rights have been violated. The same laws that protect a girl's right to an education guarantee that a student cannot be discriminated against because he is a male. So unless all the girls were wearing pants at the Jackson dance, the student was discriminated against.

Parents, butt out

IT DEPENDS on the nature of the involvement, but when it comes to parental involvement in the public schools, in many instances I think the schools would be better served if the parents butted out.

Seasonal surprise

THE PURPOSE of Christmas has become so secularized that I think it surprises people to find out that the season is about something other than almost manic shopping.

Free, with a bite

IF YOU think medical care is expensive now, just wait until it is free.

Teaching duty

LET'S GET this straight. School teachers and administrators are employees of the school districts where they work. Employees do not grade employers. Employees will do what the district needs them to do, and if they aren't happy, they need to seek employment elsewhere.

Sharing our blessings

OUR FAMILY has come to the conclusion that in order to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, there will be no organized gift giving this year. Gifts of self are allowed and encouraged. As an adults-only family, small at that, we find that we do for one another throughout the year, and we do not need to give and receive just for the sake of commercial pressure. We have decorated, have a tree, will have a lovely dinner and spend time sharing our year and the blessings we've received this year and years in the past. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a healthy, happy, safe and prosperous New Year.

Give it all up

TO YOU true believers of separation of church and state, the holidays present an excellent opportunity to voice your convictions. Let us protest government's sponsoring of religious holidays by not participating. We will decline to take off of work, refuse the holiday pay and, if your company is closed, we will meet out on the interstate to pick up that trash other Speak Out callers hate so much. I will be the one wearing a white carnation.

Support the flights

WITH THE approval of a fourth workday round-trip flight to St. Louis each day, this schedule expansion certainly improves our airline service. It will provide a valid test of the viability of commercial airline service for our community. It's time everyone makes every effort to ride the airline from our home airport when we travel, instead of following our old habit of driving to the St. Louis to start our trips. Or else we may find we will prove we just don't deserve subsidized airline travel starting from here.

Light overload

TO ALL you people who believe Christmas is for running up your electric bills with all these lights, please remember that less is more. Not that they aren't pretty, but nobody really needs every shingle on his roof to be glowing.

Over the line

I HAVE been reading about a professor in Kansas who is whining over losing the dean's seat because of his comments and attitudes toward Christians. In this politically charged atmosphere, it seems to be OK to mock and make fun of someone who has a belief in Christ but not of any other religions. I had no problem with my child being exposed to all religions, because you cannot lead without having knowledge. The problem comes when you forget your humanity and expect others to bow to your wishes and desires while you beat them over the head with your beliefs. If professors could remember that their job is only to teach and not indoctrinate, perhaps whine towels would not be necessary when they step over the lines.

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